Why Precision Timing and Synchronization are Important for Many Industries

Why Precision Timing and Synchronization are Important for Many Industries

Timing is everything. In many fields like IT, satellite communications, aerospace, broadcasting and research, timing and precision synchronizing are everything. Network time servers that synchronize clocks through connection to a computer network enable the connectivity and communications that our lives are based on. Network time servers can be customized for many different purposes. GPS ntp servers can be used to synchronize IT networks, satellite earth stations, power utilities and more.

What are network time servers?
Precise time-keeping has been important for thousands of years. From the obelisks used as sundials by the ancient Egyptians to hourglasses and waterclocks, keeping time and synchronizing time have been central to all kinds of human activity. The first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century. With the advent of the digital age and satellite communications, time keeping and synchronization have moved to an entirely new level.
In fact, these processes are central to many of the communications and connectivity systems that we rely upon today. The GPS system, which is owned and operated by the U.S. military, has 31 satellites, all of which are equipped with high-precision atomic clocks. It provides positioning, navigational and timing (PNT) Services. The system’s clocks are set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is used around the world. UTC is shared with networks through time-dissemination services such as GPS ntp servers.

How do businesses use network time servers?
GPS network servers connect clocks and computers to a network time server which uses a clock synchronization protocol. There are several such protocols, including the Network Time Protocol (NTP), IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and the Digital Time Synchronization Service (DTSS). NTP is the oldest protocol, and has been around since 1985. NTP clocks can be used for all kinds of purposes from digital scorekeeper to broadcasting and public utilities.
Network clocks synchronize servers and workstations with devices like routers and switches. WiFi clocks are also used for other networked devices like CCTV cameras and phone networks. Network clocks synchronize all devices on the network so that they function in synchronous time. This is essential in fields like finance, media, security, defense, communications, education, and many more. In fact, given our dependence on computers and internet connectivity, our lives rely on the precision timing and synchronization that GPS ntp servers make possible.

Precision timing and synchronization of devices and clocks are essential to many of the processes on which our lives and work depends. GPS ntp servers are a way for businesses to access this important service.

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