How Does a Helicopter Work?

Have you ever looked up into the sky as a helicopter roared by and wondered just how it worked? Helicopters, while sleek and powerful like other aircraft, are vastly different from things like passenger planes. What is the point of helicopters, what do they do that airplanes can’t, and just how do those whirling blades […]

7 Reasons Liquid Cooling is Better Than Air Cooling

Keeping computer components cool is essential to maintaining the equipment. Experts have said that more than 65% of failures in IT systems are completely caused by failures in the air conditioning system that keeps the entire system cool. The two methods people and organizations use the most to help keep their IT equipment cool are […]

Small Businesses Are Migrating To The Cloud Is It Worth The Investment?

Office tech helps comes in many shapes and sizes. Choosing which one will compliment your business best depends on a few simple factors. Are you trying to relieve some stress on your employees or expand your horizons to bigger and better things? Do you want a professional IT service to catch your business up with […]

Top Reasons To Get Documents Scanned

Top Reasons To Get Documents Scanned Digital scanning services have become a necessity in the modern technology age. With everything going digital, it just makes sense to have documents scanned into digital systems, as well. No longer are there offices full of heavy cabinets, that are in turn packed to the brim with contracts, legal […]

Comparing Fiber Optic Versus Copper Cables

Fiber optic cables have been around longer than you might think. The first fiber optic cable was used to connect the United States to France during 1988. While copper cables have remained popular, many are beginning to prefer a fiber optic connection. Considering that, it’s understandable to wonder how fiber optic cables differ from those […]

Dispensing and Processing Functions of Industrial Crushers

In the commercial food business, such as dining, farming, and factories, there are many machines that are essential to the day to day operations. One of such items is the industrial food crusher, which breaks up a variety of materials, including food. Here is everything you need to know about food crushers and their important […]

CAUTION: Reports of Windows 10 Update Deleting Files

Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now. From residential laptops to the sprawling data centers of Fortune 500s, it’s a race against hackers and glitches to protect important data. In fact, cybersecurity spending as a whole is expected to reach over $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, with security management and patch management becoming fast-growing […]

Cannot Get Enough Tech? Check Out Some Google

If you find that you just cannot get enough technology information in your life, you have a few options to expand your tech horizons. You can find news online. You can subscribe to podcasts. You can look into technology specific TED conferences. Or, the best option for you, you can check out Google Tech Talks. […]

Get Answers Fast with Google Tech Talk

According the U.S. Census Bureau, between the years 2003 and 2012, the percentage of American households that reported owning a home computer increased from 61.8 percent to 75.6 percent in 2010. This means that three quarter of Americans has immediate access to expensive and sophisticated machines about which, technically speaking, they have no clue. Fortunately, […]

Geospatial Data is Bigger Than Ever

The “where” of business has never been more prominent than today’s age. Knowing where something or someone is has always been relevant to any sort of work, especially construction and repair, disaster relief, the military, and spy agencies. Today, with satellites, mobile phones, and features such as Google Maps, knowing “where” is both more essential […]

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