Fire Sprinklers Have Come A Long Way  Keeping People Safe With Modern Sprinkler Design Software

Fire Sprinklers Have Come A Long Way Keeping People Safe With Modern Sprinkler Design Software

There’s no such thing as being too careful when a fire is involved.

Indeed, being a little paranoid could be the deciding factor in a safe building and a high-rise fire that puts hundreds of people in danger. This is the logic that surrounds fire sprinkler design, a safety measure that gives your clients peace-of-mind…while still reminding them of the dangers just around the corner. Now is always the best time to double-check your fire safety measures. Fire protection professionals have the means of pinpointing any gaps that need attending to. This can mean upgrading your fire sprinkler design to a more modern version or learning about what goes into a good fire escape plan.

Knowledge is power. Below are five resources and tips to keep your eye on the prize when designing today’s state-of-the-art fire protection software.

Today’s Fire Statistics And What It Means For The Future

Fires happen every day. It’s up to you to create the best fire sprinkler design to detect changes in the air and warn people of the dangers ahead. Automatic fire sprinklers have been in use in the United States since the late 1800’s, though they’ve evolved significantly since then. They’re able to reduce the amount of water used to fight a fire by up to 90%…that is, if they’re designed properly. A fire sprinkler that takes too long to start, or glitches halfway, might as well do nothing at all.

The Function Of A Fire Escape Plan

Just because you’re designing state-of-the-art software doesn’t make common sense any less important. A fire escape plan is necessary to inform any and all workers or tenants of what to do should a fire alarm go off. This means nearby escape routes, actions to take if someone’s hurt, and how to use the fire extinguisher. Not only should this be updated to suit the building, it also needs to be accessible to everyone. All fire escape plans should be spread across the building so they can be read at a moment’s notice.

Changes To The Modern Fire Alarm

There is no fire sprinkler design without a fire alarm. Whereas different types of fire suppression systems will work to keep the fire as low as possible until help arrives, the fire alarm is the first warning. It needs to be as loud as possible to be heard several blocks away, continuing until it’s been turned off manually. It also needs to come with a functional light for hard-of-hearing and deaf persons. It’s a complex construction and, as such, one that needs to be maintained on a rolling basis.

Common Causes Of Fire Today

It’s not just poorly discarded cigarettes that cause fires. Electrical malfunctions are to blame for a significant amount of high-rise fires, particularly in medical industries. Poor ventilation is another issue that can make things worse, as fire thrives on close spaces and build-up of smoke. Today hospitals, general facilities that house the sick (such as assisted living facilities), data centers, and restaurants remain some of the highest risk locations. Fire sprinkler system designers have a big task ahead of them keeping up with these statistics…that of which can be done with preparation.

Crafting An Effective Fire Sprinkler Design System

Fires thrive on a lack of preparation. It’s your job to take a critical look at fire sprinkler system design and make sure it’s up to the task. The goal of a fire sprinkler is to both detect a fire before it gets too extreme and snuff it out as best possible before help arrives. The layout detail and calculation of fire sprinkler systems is at its most powerful when crafted to suit a building, rather than a one-size fits all (such as with early detection data center versions). Calculations free software is seeing a big push lately, though too many buildings today are still outfitted with outdated models.

Keep people safe. Ask yourself what your fire sprinkler design is missing.

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