Do You Have Students Who Are Interested in Medical Science Careers?

When you first became parents, you never would would have imagined that you would have had two daughters, both of whom would major in Biology, both who would be a planning careers in women’s health services. Their love for science was an early indicator, but you never would have thought that one daughter would be a nurse practitioner within seven years of graduating high school and the younger daughter would be on her her way to being a pediatric surgeon. From the first time one of them told you about her excitement over getting to use a handheld digital microscope, you could have recognized the signs that this was more than a serious interest.
With the best Android microscope app, many people are able to examine interests that they have inside the classroom, even when they are at home.

Handheld Digital Microscopes Offer the Best Resources for Many Science Students

There was a time when access to microscopes was limited to when students when in a high school or college classroom. Today, however, there are a number of digital microscopes that can be accessed from a variety of different places. In fact, with the latest industrial and inspection microscopes students today can have access to what scientists could only dream about years ago.

Originally nicknamed flea glasses, the very first microscopes were invented in the 16th century and were used to study insects. Limited by who had access to them, there was a time when scientific discovery was clearly about access. As the internet and other digital resources make scientific findings more accessible, it should not be surprising that there are a growing number of people, even young students, who are able to gain access to powerful tools.

From the time when cells were first discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665, who was observing a cork under a microscope, to today when scientists estimate that the human body contains anywhere from 75 to 100 trillion cells, there have been many discoveries. All of these discoveries were made possible, of course, because of the expanding technology, but also the number of people who have access to his technology. Even young girls who first discover their love for science in a high school classroom.

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