5 Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2020

5 Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2020

In many ways, we’re on the edge of a new era — literally. As 2019 ends and 2020 begins, we’re starting a new decade and it’s promising to be an exciting one. This is particularly true regarding technology. The past couple of decades have seen a huge technological boom and the 2020s shouldn’t be any different.

The tech industry has expanded rapidly, with companies like Apple and Samsung dominating the industry and pushing each other to new lengths as they compete. Newer brands like Amazon and Tesla have also entered the fray; these companies are set to not only make a ridiculous amount of money but to push the market further than it’s ever gone before. The research that has pushed these technological developments is no confined to the kind of tech that we use to entertain ourselves. Developing technology is also expanding the realms of medical treatment, as well as cars and workplace solutions.

A number of 2020 tech trends are set to focus on progress and connecting the world even more. We see that technology that once seemed remarkable and forward-thinking now in the hands of the average consumer. People can now map their own DNA through kits bought online or in the grocery store; and in turn, the same DNA submitted by consumers for fun has been used by law enforcement to catch wanted criminals. Tech trends in 2020 will also, as tech trends have done before, focus on making life more convenient for the average person. The more we’re able to accomplish through technology, the easier life tends to be. We’ll also be able to benefit from the fact that different major companies are trying to beat each other in several races. Just as every major tech company seems to have a streaming service either released or on the rise, so to will we see a number of different companies release their own phones and laptops. For that matter, we’ll see companies enter the tech industry after previously abstaining from it. With that being said, we’re counting down some of the top 2020 tech trends to look out for — and which ones stand as the most exciting.

2020 tech trends

1. Self-Driving Cars

You may have heard already about the current experiments being done regarding self-driving cars. Even if an auto company has yet to really enter the fray, every one of them — from Tesla to Toyota — has an interest in self-driving cars (with good reason, of course). Self-driving cars would make life a lot easier for many people. Even if you don’t mind driving, think of all the things you could get done if you could relax and focus on work (or for that matter, leisure) rather than looking at the road. People would be able to enjoy themselves or take care of business. For that matter, many disabled individuals who normally would be unable to drive easily could now be much more mobile. Companies would potentially be able to cut down on expenses by having clients and customers driven around in self-driving vehicles.

However, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding self-driving cars as well, for equally understandable reasons. Some of the early experiments in this type of product have revealed the potentially devastating consequences of even minor errors in the technology. If a car carrying people ran off the road due to a glitch, many people could die. For that matter, if the technology is hijacked by hackers, passengers could theoretically be kidnapped. Although this technology stands out among 2020 tech trends, it could nonetheless be a hard sell to certain consumers. A lot of people don’t trust the idea of self-driving cars and are unwilling to give up the control they have when driving their own vehicles. Another issue these cars present is that they could potentially take jobs away from traditional taxi drivers, as well as people who use rideshare services like Lyft or Uber — which means that there will definitely be pushback from those companies, as well as others in the industry. Needless to say, it will still be some time before autonomous cars make their way into the hands of the average auto dealers. With that being said, this will be one of the 2020 tech trends that receives the most amount of attention, especially as Elon Musk promises to move the technology forward within Tesla. We’ll see what will happen as time goes on, but keep an eye on news surrounding self-driving cars. It’s expected that the market for at least partially self-driving cars will hit $36 billion by 2025!

2. AI Services

One of the 2020 tech trends that people have always kept their eyes on is that of AI, or artificial intelligence. Once, AI seemed like the stuff of science fiction, seldom spoken of outside of the movies. When people think of AI, they think of robots. But the fact is that it’s actually a very accessible type of technology. It’s already being used by a number of different major companies — and they’ll only continue to push it forward, making it one of the most helpful 2020 tech trends. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google already use AI and market it to the average consumers. If you speak to your phone on a regular basis, you’re engaging with AI — even if you don’t realize it. This type of technology is going to be incorporated into the workplace as well. Imagine how much easier it will be to work through your virtual office if you’re able to use artificial intelligence services along the way. Essentially, this will make the technology that we use much more accessible, and for that matter predictive, than it once was. Right now, the technology that we use is able to predict what we’re going to search for next based on what we’ve searched for before. In the future, your Alexa or Siri may be able to tell you about the weather before you even ask. Perhaps your Apple Watch will be able to tell you that you’re running a fever before you even register the symptoms yourself. Of course, some people don’t love the idea of being so “plugged in” through AI and bots. However, you’ll find that this type of technology will probably make your life a lot easier.

2020 tech trends

3. Organic Marketing Online

People feel swamped by online marketing already — and we haven’t even had it for that long compared to the ads they see in print or on the television. People are inundated with pop up ads and advertisements that have nothing to do with their interests. They’re constantly closing windows and moving on. This is a shame because so many consumers spend a remarkable amount of time online. It’s the perfect place to advertise; we just need to do it in the right way and target particular consumers rather than everyone at large.

2020 tech trends are not just about gadgets and self-driving cars, but about how we reach people through technology. Organic marketing online, and in particular search engine optimization, is already on the rise. In 2020 and beyond, we’ll see it expand even more, becoming a dominant form of online marketing. Essentially, search engine optimization targets the “right” customer or client, rather than everyone. Through the use of certain keywords or phrases in the produced content, this strategy makes websites more prominent in search engine results. Therefore, if someone is searching online for a particular flower, they will come across the advertising website because it hosts search engine optimization content centered around that flower. Usually, this type of content comes in the form of lists, articles, and even videos — but as it progresses alongside other 2020 tech trends, we could see search engine optimization content change as well.

4. Personalized Medicine

We mentioned earlier that in many ways, DNA testing has become much more commonplace, if not exactly easier. In this day and age, we’re not only able to map out people’s DNA, but map their bodies in general. This will enable us to personalize medicine, and make medical treatment┬ámore effective and individualized. The goal will be for people to be diagnosed sooner, and to be treated quickly. This could potentially save countless lives and will take 2020 tech trends out of the computer labs and into hospitals. Being able to look at people’s genetic material in a manner that is up close and personal will change the way that we approach medicine. It will be easier than ever for scientists to realize that patients are predisposed to one condition or the other. Right now, people can already test fetuses in the womb to see if they’re predisposed to certain genetic conditions. However, we’ll also be able to take simple swabs and recognize that we carry certain genetic markers, and face our own risk factors for certain medical conditions. As we’re already starting to carry certain types of technology against our skin, doctors will potentially be able to utilize future devices to measure our temperatures, our heart rates, and even our sweat throughout the day. Your doctor may be able to realize that you’re sick before you show any symptoms — and save your life.

5. Smart Glasses

Smart glasses may not initially seem to be among 2020 tech trends — simply because you might think that we already have them, through the Snapchat Spectacles or Amazon Echo glasses. However, the glasses that are being developed ahead of the 2020 tech trends will be much more like smart phones than either of the products we just mentioned. The idea would be that these glasses would be able to make calls, handle voice recordings, play videos, and much more. In fact, these glasses could even, quite possibly, implement facial recognition technology, meaning that we’ll be able to record the people we’re interacting with. Of course, there are issues and arguments regarding this type of technology, as there seems to be with any type of developing tech. There could potentially be invasions of privacy to worry about when we’re looking into the types of glasses that tech startups are discussing. For that matter, a lot of people are concerned about the types of distractions these glasses could cause. Someone could theoretically be using these glasses without anyone realizing it. This means that they could be distracted at work, or even while driving, leading to sloppiness or accidents. Though these types of glasses could be hazardous or serve as distractions, they also could present a number of different opportunities. Think about how much easier using your phone would be if it came in the form of glasses that you could activate with a touch of the finger — or even a blink.

As with any tech trends, there are some winners and some losers as we look into 2020. Technology rarely progresses in the linear way that we expect it to; there is a trial and error system to think about, of course. But we shouldn’t fear what is to come. New tech presents new opportunities, and will hopefully lead to us living longer lives, as well as more convenient lives. Of course, not everything is going to be perfected within 2020. Give it some time, and we’ll be able to enjoy this new technology to the fullest. Keep an eye on the type of tech that appeals to you the most, and have an open mind. Be ready for all that it has to offer!

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