Why You Need Next Generation Network Security

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Although businesses are taking more pains to secure the consumer data stored on their networks, over half don’t fully understand the implications of a security breach. As a consumer, most of us are concerned with the security of our personal information, and have little to no way of controlling what happens to it after we offer it to a business or vendor.

It takes over 11 months for a company which has experienced a cyber security breach to rebuild their reputation, suggesting that the importance of implementing a next gen network security system should be priority number one to most businesses dealing with consumer personal information, especially online. Data sourced from the US Government Accountability Office reveals that cases of security breaches rose from 13,017 in 2010, to 15,560 in 2011, which is a scary statistic for consumers sharing personal information over the Internet.

A good cyber security program consists of an enterprise firewall, and intrusion detection system, and an intrusion prevention system. The intrusion systems and detection systems are essentially the same,in that they are used to detect and prevent security breaches for enterprise networks. In fact, the federal government has experienced a nearly 680 percent increase in cyber security breaches in the past six year.

With such a rapidly changing need for an updated network security platform, a new generation of network architectures and next gen network security has begun to emerge through a next generation network. Next gen network security helps you deliver security, performance, and control that you need for your organization’s rapidly evolving networks. The price for firewall software can range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars, depending on the level of security and data that needs protection. Next generation security protects against several threats including Reconnaissance threats, where hackers scan the network for vulnerable devices, break in and device take overs, which usually are a result of unauthorized access to a given device with the intention to compromise security, and theft of service and fraud.

Next gen network security helps to detect and solve these threats through preparing defensive systems, implementing firewalls, and monitoring potentially malicious activities.
With such scary statistics floating about, it is clear the need to secure your network is more imperative than ever, so researching and investing in a next generation security network may be worth your while. Good refereneces.

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