Why You Need Modern Voice Technology to Support Both Analog and VoIP Phones

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Modern voice technology to support both analog and

VoIP systems can cut the initial costs of startups by about 90%. With a premise-based solution, you can enjoy an option with modern voice technology to support both analog and VoIP phones. A VoIP system allows you to upgrade it at once or gradually depending on your needs. A premise based VoIP system can be designed to use VoIP from end to end and uses the internet to relay data and voice communications.

With such a system at your business, it is possible to reduce costs while using your existing network structure efficiently. But still, there are even more benefits of using a premise-based phone system.

1. You Can Have Two Types of Dial Tone Service

Many companies have two or three traditional phone lines in their offices. When installing the VoIP system, then can keep one or two of these lines as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is delivered over the internet. If one service goes down due to the loss of internet, they would still be able to use their CO lines.

2. More Control and Flexibility

Premise based VoIP systems are usually at the business’s owner premises thus giving you adequate control and flexibility. You have control over its operation and use to allow you to make changes easily and quickly.

3. Reduced Costs on Some Feature Sets

There are some providers that charge for some additional features such as multiple attendants, music on hold, message on hold or even a call queue. With a business based VoIP phone system, all these features are usually incorporated into the PBX software once you buy it. This allows you to save on paying for separate features.

4. Use Your Own Network

One of the benefits of getting your modern voice technology to support both analog and VoIP phones is that you can get signals over your own network instead of using the internet. Since you have the phone switch at your business place, all the signaling happens locally. This is really helpful, especially on the days when the internet speed is slow.

Getting a premise-based VoIP solution can really benefit your business operations. Typically, you have a system that works with traditional phone lines and supports mobile and remote employees. So, if you want something that you can manage under your own roof, a premised based VoIP MA is the ideal choice.

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