Why Do We Need PCB Manufacturing Companies?

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Why do we need PCB manufacturing companies?

Without PCB fabrication, we wouldn’t have some of the most advanced technological devices of our lifetime.

Take the Samsung Galaxy S9, for example. Without high quality PCB fabrication and assembly services available, this phone would be nothing than a confused pile of metal and screws.

Samsung uses PCB as its main board for all layers of electrical components and retaining the normal size of the board whiten.

According to Digit, Samsung is currently considering and preparing to even improve its PCB services by using SLP boards.

The phones that are using SLP boards (Substrate Like PCB) will be available in 2018.

“We are making preparations for mass-production of SLPs in order to supply them to Samsung Electronics for its next Smartphone,” said a professional PCB manufacturer.

The Galaxy S9 will have a 5.77 inch display as well as a 6.22 inch display for the larger version. Both versions will be utilizing the company’s “infinity” display that contains a dual-curved side and only a few bezels on both the top and bottom of the product.

Phones are only one of many reasons why we need PCB fabrication professionals in our daily lives in 2017. But there are literally hundreds of thousands of uses of a printed circuit board for electrical connecting.

So, again, why do we need PCB manufacturing companies?

Well, without PCB manufacturing companies, who would handle out circuit board assembly, PCB fabrication, or prototype assembly service? Imagine trying to handle all those complicated PCB boards without professional assembly teams.

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