When to Hire an Executive Search Consultant

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In any business, it’s usually seen as preferable to have the same consistent employees around for years. But these days that sort of longevity is not always likely, and sometimes the turnover can provide an opportunity to diversify a workplace in necessary ways. According to a 2016 Gallop poll, six out of ten millennials is willing to swap jobs at any time if the change is in their favor. The best way to connect with those potential new employees is a human resources consulting firm.

When you utilize the services of human resources recruiters you will have access to more people that are actually well suited for the job at hand. Outplacement companies are going to work faster than your in HR team since that is their sole focus. They also have extensive industry connections and long standing relationships to call upon. An executive search firm has access to the top candidates in any field, even if those candidates are currently employed elsewear.

This is extremely important when you’re trying to bring in more diversity to the workplace, whether that’s by gender, age, or ethnicity. An in house HR firm might not know where to look or where to find the best candidates within those categories. But the consultants at an executive search firm most definitely will.

In addition to finding ideal candidates for the role, an executive firm will also take into account the team culture and vibe of your workplace. They will go above and beyond to take into account motivators, personality, and leadership style to ensure that the interested candidates really are the right fit for your brand. When an employee is matched with a company under that sort of consideration by an hr consultant the likelihood is that much higher that they will not only stick around for some time but that they’ll be a huge asset to the team.

It might not seem necessary to use outplacement services for your staffing needs until you consider how much time and resources you’ll save in the long term by being presented with your perfect staff matches. The longer an employee sticks around the fewer funds need to be allocated for training. The more productive that employee is, the more quickly your business will grow.

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