When to Buy Cat6 Cable Bulk

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Cat6 cable bulk

If you are setting up networks or multi-line phone systems, you?re going to need Cat6 cable. You can buy Cat6 cable bulk, so you have plenty to get the entire job set up without too much hassle. Buying in bulk will also save you money.

Cat6 cable has a maximum frequency of 250 MHz and is capable of transmitting up to 10/100/1000Mbps. This is plenty for most basic network needs. It has been proven that the length of the cable will not negatively impact sound quality, so you don’t need to worry about running cables across an office or through multiple offices.

It is very important that you check the cable for any damaged areas. Whether you’re installing new cable or simply checking the lines, always watch for damaged cable. Damaged cables are a serious fire hazard. In 2008 alone, there were over 53,600 house fires attributed to electrical failures or malfunctions. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous. These reported fires resulted in 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and totaled over $1.4 billion in damaged property.

Although it might sound intimidating, setting up your own network or multi-line phone is not impossible. You want to make sure you have plenty of cable, so you don’t have to stop the job to go buy more or end up paying more because you didn’t buy enough in the first place. Cat6 cable bulk can be purchased at a fraction of the price you?ll see in box stores for short cables.

Assuming they do not get damaged, cat6 ethernet cable should last several years, so you won?t have to worry about replacing it frequently. These cables can also be split and you can put new plugs on them, which is ideal if you misjudge the needed length or you do damage a piece of the cable. You can replace the damaged segment without having to remove everything you installed.

It is important to know ahead of time the approximate MHZ and Mbps you are going to need to operate. These will determine the type of cable you should use. The four you are most likely to choose from are Cat5 cables, Cat5e cables, Cat6 cables, or Cat6a cables. If you are unsure, you can ask a professional their opinion.
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