What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

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Were you aware that on average, a prospective buyer will read 11 consumer reviews before making a purchase decision? Were you also aware that consumers tend to engage in a considerable amount of additional online research, including their social media contacts and discussion boards, when deciding what, when, and where to buy?

Surveys show that 80% of consumers conduct what they refer to as “a lot” of Internet research, and 46% reported that they relied on social media to assist them with making their purchase decisions.

How easy is it for these consumers to find your website? Do you have a consistently active social media presence? Are you receiving a lot of traction with your current advertising and/or marketing campaigns?

If you have a creative agency on board, you’re probably having them design display ads for you. In the United States, 59% of chief marketing officers believe display ads are an effective marketing tool. Furthermore, it is estimated that $24 billion will be spent on display advertising alone over the course of this year.

Do you have a dedicated email marketing team? Even though only 8% of companies do, it’s been found that this digital marketing tactic delivers the highest return on investments.

Since businesses do want to have a significant return on their advertising and marketing investments, many are taking a closer look at having dedicated email marketing teams.In 2012, for example, 67% of the companies polled said they had a dedicated team for their email marketing needs, while in 2015, this percentage increased to 78%.

Do you have a strong digital marketing plan? Apparently, 50% of the companies polled did not.

When considering the benefits of hiring an advertising agency, it can assist you with all of the above as well as provide additional services such as content. Furthermore, a creative marketing agency is aware of the types of challenges that are often faced with digital marketing and are able to develop creative solutions to address them.

In a recent poll, for example, digital marketers were asked about their number-one challenges:

    Delivering on the expectations of connected customers: 15%
        Consistently generating leads and revenue: 14%
        Multi-channel marketing: 13%

      When you have a marketing agency on your team, just imagine the difference it will make with streamlining you daily operations. Furthermore. when you’re looking for tips for hiring an advertising agency, it should go without saying that you will choose the one that resonates with your campaign needs.

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