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Packaging design ideas

Lesson learned.
It is always best to take an evidenced based approach to any problem.
When streets in Houston, Texas, flood, the giant flying sewer roaches head for the trees. Over the following weeks, they try to make their way back to the sewers, unfortunately sometimes taking a detour through homes in the middle of the night and freaking out children.
2:00 am: Large flying cockroach crawls across ceiling of the room of your two youngest daughters. The oldest one wakes up, panics, wakes up her younger sister. Between the two of them they turn on every light in house and wake up their dad. The father tries to kill cockroach, but it displays impressive aerial capabilities. Roach flies under the youngest daughter’s bed. The father pretends that he has captured the roach and gets everyone back to bed.
2:27 am: Screams from upstairs provide evidence that the roach is again on the move. More lights, drama, unsuccessful attempts to capture the sometimes flying, sometimes creeping bug.
3:00 am: Girls are convinced to sleep in the older brother’s empty bed. This offer is made after the girls refuse to go back in their room until evidence of roach corpse is presented to them.
Sometime during the early morning hours, the brave brother returns to the girls’ bedroom, captures and kills the bug, and presents Roach Corpse to the family in the morning.
And that is how a very entrepreneurially young man found himself offering his services to the neighborhood after future spring rains that flooded the streets. The roach catching career turned out pretty lucrative. So profitable, in fact, that throughout college he and a couple of friends actually formed an extermination company called Roach Corpse that helped them earn some pretty consistent cash.
Some Companies Require Help Establishing a Brand to Get Themselves Noticed and Remembered
A company name like Roach Corpse is pretty easy to brand. The have a unique name, a unique mission, and a needed service. If, however, your company is one of many similar businesses in its field, it likely could benefit from the efforts of a branding agency. In fact, the more common your company service is, the more important establishing a brand becomes.
the digital nature of today’s society has increased the need for building a brand image. Did you know, for instance, that businesses have as little as 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell consumers what they will get out of your website and company. After this time, and oftentimes even sooner, those internet customers will leave your site and click their way to another website.
And while website presence and recognition is important, so are packaging design ideas. A well designed brand or packaging concept can make your product immediately recognizable to both current and future customers. Establishing a brand is a key component to an entire marketing campaign.
Professional website designers spend their time not only analyzing consumer internet traffic. They also attempt to create and control new trends. Consider some of the facts that marketing research has discovered:

  • Mobile devices account for more than 50% of all internet searches.
  • 61% of global internet users research their desired product online.
  • 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.
  • Repeat customers spend 67% more than new clients.
  • 62% of companies who designed a website specifically for the mobile platform had increased sales.
  • 51% of respondents interact with favorite retailers through social media, indicating that this is another source of building brand trust.

Creating a brand and establishing a brand is a key marketing strategy for businesses today. So too is maintaining a strong and user friendly internet presence. Marketing companies can assist businesses, both large and small, in the implementation of a strong web design platform. They will establish and maintain a social media presence that customers will look to for updates on new products, sale prices, and upcoming events and promotions.
Unfortunately, without the assistance of a strong marketing team, your company’s efforts to capture new and returning customers may be as futile as attempting to catch a giant flying cockroach in a dimly lit room. Is your company doing all that it can to capture its share of the competitive internet users and growing retail market?

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