Using Smart Geotagging with Structured Data to Find Your Local Customer Base

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When it comes to achieving success in business in this day and age, things have become a lot more complicated over the past couple of decades. Earlier, traditional methods of deriving information about potential customers is all businesses had to play with. Now, with the advent of the internet, the proliferation of smartphones and social media, and the concept of Big Data, there are a lot more resources available for businesses to leverage, making the marketing space more competitive than ever before. With more data to crunch and process, the dynamics of marketing have undergone a sea change, bringing in more complex data processing systems, and more potential.

It is normal for businesses to become more competitive, and in the process, look for more ways to leverage available information so as to gain better insight about its possible target market. With social media reaching great levels of popularity and other services on the internet periodically collecting data from internet users, a lot more information can now be available about large groups of people of a specific type or trait. This can be a geographical location, a demographic property, or simply people from a certain age group. A lot of companies now collect data from these sources, process them and sell them to companies according to their requirements, and this can facilitate more intimate knowledge about the target market.

Using Big Data for Marketing Advantage

Collecting customer data is no longer a problem, with the amount of data sources having increased exponentially over the years. With so many data sources, it is now possible to get detailed information and insight about your target market. A lot of this comes from new innovations like link extraction, name matching and entity resolution software, which can be used to collect and process large data sets in a matter of very little time, and you can end up with actionable information that you can use not only to set up your marketing campaign properly, but also to refine and enhance your product design and process.

A lot of the data that can be collected from the Internet comes from social media. The proliferation of social media has prompted millions of users to share more of their tastes and preferences on the Internet, and by using social media data analysis, and smart geotagging, a lot can be accomplished in very little time. In essence, these modern data processing solutions like identity resolution software can take large amounts of unsorted data, sort them out according to previously programmed fields or characteristics, and populate the sorted or arranged data into a database.

Smart Geotagging for Local Marketing

When it comes to making an impression on your local market, this kind of data processing can really come in handy for your business. Using smart geotagging software, you can gather customer data based on geographical location, which makes it easy to formulate a marketing plan for a target market which is localized. Doing this can also help you refine the data further in terms of demographics and preferences, and help you with creating that perfect marketing campaign which takes care of all the important variables. You can purchase structured data of this kind from companies that collect and process Big Data, and this is just the kind of actionable information that can have a significant impact on helping you fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

With this information, which you can easily get by using smart geotagging technology in conjunction with data extraction, you can end up with a clear idea about the kind of customer base that you are targeting locally, their relative density and demographic properties. You can also have a handle on their tastes and preferences, as displayed by their social media information. Using this information creatively can help you create extremely targeted marketing campaigns which can convert well for you, bring in new customers and create much-needed sales. This can definitely help you get to step up on your competition, and move forward with more defined goals and strategies in terms of marketing.

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