Understanding Why Wealth and Asset Management is All in Your Head

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When many people think of abundance, they tend to think in terms of material possession or financial wealth and assets, not in terms of a mentality or a way of life. Between a society that continues to perpetuate harmful beliefs about money, possessions, and wealth, and the fact that many people inherent their families negative beliefs about money, it’s easy to see how and why abundance, wealth, and financial matters in general are uncomfortable topics for most people. But they don’t have to be — really. Money matters aren’t as scary as they sound and it all starts with changing your mindset.

Asset management, financial planning, and growth are all things that begin in your mind and not in your pocket, your bank account, or your piggy bank. That might sound counterproductive but it’s the reality. Think about — if you actually believe you’re always broke, then you will always remain that way. You’ll be so stuck on feeling down and out that you may miss out on financial opportunities and other chances for financial growth. You’ll be in such a negative frame of mind that you’ll be blind to ways to monetize things that you’re good at and things that come naturally to you.

Believe it or not, most people are not truly interested in improving their financial situation, even though they may say it from time to time. Until you go lower than rock bottom and hit a non-negotiable point in your life when you know you cannot go back to living your life the way you used to, you may not feel compelled to change or improve your financial situation. If you truly are serious about changing and improving your finances however, the first place to begin is your mind.

If words such as wealth management services, asset management, investment management opportunity, and financial advisors scare you, then it’s time to think about and understand why. After all, you’ll always run away from that which you’re afraid of! And if you’re afraid of money, managing it, or anything else to do with it, then it’ll never be within your reach.

Dig deep; why are you so afraid of money? Is it because you remember your church telling you money is the root of all evil when you were a kid? Was it because you heard your father saying rich people were bad people or greedy? Did your mother believe that handling money was a man’s responsibility, or that women aren’t capable of earning a living equal to or more than that of a man? Because of these negative beliefs, were you led to believe that you would never amass enough assets to learn about asset management so why even bother? Or, were you led to believe that people that look like you or that are from your community simply didn’t “make it” in life?

Once you uncover and come face to face with these negative, self limiting beliefs, you have the power to change them! Don’t get too hung up on why you were told these negative things. Instead, focus on what you can do to change them! It can be difficult to uncover years if not decades of negative brainwashing, but like a computer, your brain can be reprogrammed in order to think of money in a positive light. A great way to begin doing that is to immerse yourself in anything money related. Attend conferences about entrepreneurship, wealth management, asset management, investing, and more. Study people that have achieved both a great deal of financial success but personal success as well.

Remember there are major differences between being broke and being broken. There are plenty of financially wealthy people that are living hollow lives and therefore feel unfulfilled. They may not be broke, but they’re broken. Everyone has read tabloid or news stories about wealthy celebrities or people of high financial status being depressed or feeling lonely. As the famous actor Jim Carey said, he wishes everyone would become rich so they could see that money isn’t the answer to all their problems.

Once you’re approach towards money changes, doors will really begin to open up.

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