the many formats and iterations of barcode scanners and thermal printers

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Zebra printers

Even if you have never heard of it before, you have certainly seen and or used it nearly everyday of your life. Barcode scanners and thermal printers such as zebra thermal printers or zebra barcode printer show up at the gas station, grocery store, even in on demand shipping or product labels, like zebra label printers.

The idea of an automated checkout system was first dreamed up in 1932 by a gentleman named Wallace Flint. Flints proposal of creating an automatic punch card system has since transformed into products and industries like zebra printers and zebra thermal printers. This invention, like the zebra printer industry has given birth to not only burgeoning industries but it has helped reinvigorate old sectors such as marketing and advertising. Scanners and printers are not limited to UPC code, however. Barcode scanners and zebra thermal printers can also include handheld wand and stationary scanners, and portable, cordless or fixed options.

A key component of the transport of consumer goods, a $60 billion industry, is the development, implementation, and tracking of goods, most of which is done by UPC codes. The use of UPC codes has taken away some of the complexities of transporting goods, via ease of tracking and inventory, which as previously mentioned has not only created new industries like zebra thermal printers but has saved the American consumer billions of dollars.

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