The Importance of Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Access

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Fixed wireless network

The internet has surpassed the wildest imaginations of its creators. Not only are we accessing the internet from phones, tablets, and computers, we’re able to access the web from cars, trains, and even airplanes. However, some people still struggle to find reliable access. In rural areas, fixed wireless broadband internet access is becoming a popular option.

While internet usage continues to grow to incredible proportions – there are almost 290 million internet users in the United States alone – fast, reliable internet is not ubiquitous. There are still many places where the likes of cable and DSL are unavailable. That’s where fixed wireless broadband internet access fits in.

Fixed wireless internet operates on a system more similar to satellite or antenna television, where an antenna or dish receives the signal from somewhere farther away. While not as common as standard cable access, this is an increasingly popular method, although not every internet service provider offers this. The reason it isn’t offered everywhere is that the majority of people have access to cable internet through mega-corporations like Time Warner or ATandT. Still, fixed wireless has its place.

Why is it worth the effort?

Commerce. It’s not the same as needing food, but people need to be connected to the internet and companies need people to be connected to the internet. A reported 70% of Americans used the internet on a daily basis in 2016 and they were online for an average of (get ready) over six hours per day. Estimates further suggest that the largest companies stand to lose thousands upon thousands of dollars per minute when the internet goes down.

In short, it’s important for for people to have reliable access to the internet. It boosts sales, advertising, and jobs around the world, while also offering up countless diversions. Fixed wireless broadband internet access is helping to make these things happen. Standard internet connections and using cell phone connections are certainly useful as well – especially considering that almost 50% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets – but making sure people can access the internet in their homes is the final step. More than half the people on Earth have internet access. Perhaps the remaining 45% aren’t too far off.

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