The Five Essential Elements Your Hotel Can’t Be Without In 2018

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Hotel pms systems

What does your hotel offer that other hotels don’t?

Before you get too elaborate emphasizing your bed and breakfast or your affinity for comfortable beds…try getting down to brass tacks and just being the most organized business in town. You see, travelers already have a lot on their mind when they pack up their bags and head out on their journey. They have meetings to attend to, places to see and all sorts of fun things to experience. The major element that will drive a wedge into anyone’s trip, regardless of budget or personal taste, is a badly managed hotel. Hotel management systems are designed, first and foremost, to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Keep things simple. Read the list below and learn for yourself how hotel management systems can ensure both you and your clients have nothing to worry about.

Understand What Your Customers Need

This is advice any business needs to stay relevant. What do your customers need? Sometimes it is as elaborate as a fancy breakfast, while other times it’s as simple as a transparent cancellation policy. A recent study found around half of Millennials and Gen Xers saying cost is the biggest barrier to leisure travel. Another survey found BandB travelers, specifically, preferring positive consumer reviews, flexible cancellation policies and the ability to book online as their favorite traits.

Better Manage Your No-Show Rates

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Whether a customer had their flight delayed or simply found a hotel more suited to their tastes, your hotel will have to be prepared for the inevitable function of a no-show. While this can be frustrating on the financial side of things, staying ahead of the curve with hotel management systems can ensure you fill that gap in a prompt fashion. The average no-show rate for hotels is 10% every day, with this number fluctuating depending on the holidays and the weather.

Build Customer Loyalty And Boost Your Sales

Repeat customers are a business’s best friend. They reduce the amount of effort on your part reaching out to clients and advertising services, while providing travelers with a much-needed break on browsing and researching. Building loyalty with a mere 5% of customers will lead to an increased average profit between 25% to even 100% per customer. This is best done by installing hotel management systems designed with the express purpose of making every hotel experience as seamless as possible. What better way to get people to come back than a happy memory? Speaking of which…

Improve Employee Retention And Customer Appreciation

Happy employees create happy customers. A great way to make sure your worker base is functioning to the best of their ability is to eliminate the fuss. Hospitality management software systems made record-keeping, complaints and scheduling a breeze. Not only will employees have an easier time attending to their daily duties, customers will be more likely to stick around knowing you’re putting their needs first. According to CEB research, over 95% of customers forced to expend a lot of effort over an issue will become disloyal. This is one aspect you can’t afford to miss.

Keep Up With Hospitality Technology Trends

Last, but not least, you need to make sure your hotel management systems are paired with supportive technology. Traveling is best done on-the-go and studies have found mobile queries related to travel have increased by 50% these past few years. In fact, another survey saw 45% of travelers who do mobile travel research making their final booking on a mobile device. Optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly will ensure you’re not driving customers away before they can see all the wonderful services and locations you have to offer.

Before you think about what your hotel offers, make sure it has a strong foundation of reliability to carry everything else.

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