The Benefits of Industrial CT Scanners

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Ct part calibration scan

No matter what kind of manufacturing your company does, you are probably aways looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. A new kind metrology has been developed that provides industries with a way to analyze the internal workings of componants and products without damaging them in the process. Computerized tomography (CT) scanning can produce 3D imaging of almost any part or product. This is currently the only way parts can be examined this way without doing any kind of damage to the item being analyzed.

CT scanning uses x-ray technology to compile 2D images then combines them to form a 3D image. The CT scans used in industry use the same kind of technology that is used in medical settings to diagnose injuries and illnesses in people. In industrial ct scanning, numerous pictures are taken of an object from different angles. The scanner then combines the two dimensional images to create a full 3 dimensional image. A CAD to part comparison map can be generated.

What are the benfits to using CT Scanning for Product Inspection?

The images are incredibly accurate and detailed.;When an object is scanned with an industrial CT scanner, the resulting images that are generated are incredibly detailed and accurate. When examined with 3D scanning technology, all of the interal mechanisms can be viewed in amazing detail. CT scanning technology is one of the most accurate metrology method ever created.

Allows the internal structure of products can be viewed without damaging the part.Prior to the development of computerizes tomography, an object would have to manually opened up in order to view the inside workings of a part of an object. The importance of not harming scanned objects when CT scans are performed on a living creature. For exampe, doctors who want to see inside a patient’s brain would have to perfom surgery to be able to see the same kinds of things than be visible on a CT scan. In archaeology, the same principles apply. When looking at fossils or mumified remains, being able to see inside the object without invasive cutting is preferable.

CT scanning cuts down on the costs associated with inspection and failure analysis.Using CT scanning techniques cuts the costs for both the failure analysis and new product inspection by anywhere between 25 and 75%. This provides significant savings over traditional methods.

Parts of any size or shape can be scanned effectively and efficiently.Objects that are anywhere from .5mm to 660mm can be analyzed by industrial CT scanners.

The images taken by a CT scanner are not altered at all by the metrology technique. Unlike other processes which can analyze an object where the act of analyzing a part can change the way it appears, CT scanning techniques do nothing to alter or change anything about the material being examined.

The resolution of the images created is far superior to other methods of metrology. Because the scanner takes hundeds or thousands of 2 dimesnsional images to create a final 3 dimensional pictures, the images that are generated are incredibly detailed. There are no shaded areas or other ambiguity in the images.

The need for post-processing is eliminated.After the x-ray images have been generated, the software compiles a final 3D image that is compete. It does not need any post-processing work to be done to complete the images.

Industrual CT scanning is a fairly new addition to the world of merrology. When it was first developed, it would take several hours for one CT image to be generated. Today, complete 3D models that use billions of data points can be created in just a few seconds. This makes it possible to use these images for rapid prototyping, 3D reverse engineering and 3D metrology.

Finding ways to improve the ability to see inside parts and objects without doing anything to damage those parts is a great thing for most businesses. This new technology is improving all of the time. There is no other way to see as accurately into the interior of an object than this. CT scanning provides detailed and accurate images of just about anything that needs to be analyzed.

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