Technological Advances in PCB Design and Assembly

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Pcb fabrication

Were you aware that circuit boards used to be designed utilizing clear Mylar sheets? Designers would create a transparent photomask of the circuit board design on these sheets, which were usually 4 times larger than the circuit board. Given technological advances, PCB design software is now available. This makes the design process considerably more efficient and effective.

These computer-aided design systems are an incredible advancement. The board designers are able to layout the circuit pattern with this special software which enables them to visualize how it will appear.

Another technological advancement within this industry is machine assembly. When PCBs are machine, rather than hand-assembled, it takes a fraction of the time to complete projects. Furthermore, PCB assemblers can usually provide a turnaround time of 5 days or less. This exceeds the industry standard by 75%.

Just imagine 50,000 or more PCBs being completed in an hour! The solder paste applier, high-speed chip shooter, pick-and-place machine, and infrared oven are placed on a conveyer configuration. After this, solder paste is applied, the PCBs are then placed and soldered with record speed.

In fact, just 1 automatic line has the capacity to place and solder more components than 50 individuals that solder by hand. Furthermore, these automatic lines not only produce a higher-quality product, they do with with greater consistency. This can make an obvious impact on meeting and exceeding deadlines as well as order completion.

You may be interested to learn that in 1995, PCBs were a $7.1 billion industry. By 2000, this industry’s revenue reached $10 billion, and following 2012, it attained a worldwide worth of $60 billion. In the United States alone, the circuit board and electronic component manufacturing industry’s revenue was approximately $44 billion in 2014.

Whether you would like to learn more about circuit board assembly services, obtain a PCB assembly quote, or discuss your PCB prototype assembly needs, a PCB manufacturing company can provide you with this information. Once you have an idea of your project requirements, a PCB assembly quote will be easier to determine. If you also need a quick turnaround time, be sure to inquire how this can be accomplished.

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