So, You Want to be a Logistician? What to Know

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Logistics recruiters are in the business of hiring logisticians who are generally placed in charge of a particular corporation’s supply chain. They are a type of human resource specialist who search out and hire professionals to fill the positions within a company that see to the uninterrupted dynamics of the supply chain. They cultivate relationships with suppliers and insure that all supplies are shipped on time. They make sure that all the needs of the customers are understood, and they look for ways to lower the costs of the shipping and moving of products.

Logisticians are necessary in most every corporation; telecommunications, project management, rotational moulding, consumer technologies, software developers, and many more. The need to fill this position in almost every industry also necessitates the existence of logistics recruiters.

The need for logistics recruiters is also evident in the transportation industry, where logistics is a very big part of the business. Transportation is the moving and transporting of products and merchandise in a constant flow. The presence of the people who ensure that the flow is as smooth as possible is imperative. In 2013 the transportation system in the United States transported 55 million tons of merchandise every day. This adds up to nearly $50 billion in goods.

Careers in logistics are a very well kept secret. Marketing and finance are typically the careers that are more sought after, however, logistics is a well hidden course to follow. Statistics show that in 2013 the bulk of the search for candidates came from applications tracked, the next from social media and referrals. Even with the large number of job applicants, 71% of logistics recruiters reported that, in 2014, there was still a shortage of job seekers who have the necessary skills to handle the different aspects of the position. This percentage improved a bit from statistics in 2013, which showed 76% of respondents falling short in their search for logisticians.

In their search for qualified logisticians, logistics recruiters must be sure to inform candidates that this type of job can be done from almost anywhere. It is important for applicants to understand exactly where they will be expected to be each day. Certain locations could be a deal-breaker for some. This type of position requires continuous research and decisions, and the location of the job is essential to perspective employees. It is said that there is really no standard work setting for this position, it can be done from a factory, an office, even a mobile office. It can easily be done from a delivery or pick up center as well.

Expanding a little bit on the fact that this is a high pressure position, it is also a job upon which many other people depend. Many of the duties of others within the corporation will depend upon the timely and expert plans and decisions made by the logitician. Logistics is not only a high pressure position to be in, but many of the errors made in planning are made during the functioning of logistics.

In order to prepare for a career in logistics, logistics recruiters suggest that interested candidates explore educational options that will enable them to earn a bachelor’s degree in their field. Statistics show that 76% of perspective employers prefer applicants to come to them having already gone that far in their education and having already earned their degree. Studies done in 2013 say that it takes approximately six days to fill a temp position, eight days to fill a contract position, and hiring an applicant to fill a permanent position takes about 32 days. Employers want to be sure that the person they place in a permanent position is qualified for the long haul. Applicants are best to be prepared when applying for a job such as logistician by having their details up to date and by being able to present their degree.

Some of the transportation industries for which logistics recruiters are employed to fill these positions are air freight, marine and maritime, warehousing, reverse logistics, inventory management, and more. Other than transportation, industries in need of logisticians also include healthcare, oil and gas, renewable energy, information technology, and engineering.

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