Six Tips to Speed Up a Slow Office Network

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Every business owner wants their facilities to be fully functional. An essential function of nearly every business is having a reliable network. Businesses with slow network connections will likely experience both frustrated customers and employees. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your office has fast wireless internet speeds. In this post, you will learn six causes of a slow office network.

  • Secure Network with Password: You want your network accessible for only employees. A network solutions company will ensure your network is protected from public access. If your business provides public wireless internet, you can choose to have a separate network made only for employees.
  • Moving Bandwidth Intensive Activities to Another Time: There are likely many automatic computing processes that go on in your office. What you might not know is that certain activities can take up much of your office bandwidth. You should consider scheduling automatic updates and other processes, like backups, to be done outside of office hours. In an office environment where computers are always connected, these updates can often be done without anyone around. Companies providing IT services will be able to assess which activities can be done while your office is closed.
  • Network Needs to be Cleaned of Viruses: One important concern for any business is having proper network security. A network that isn’t secure is prone to be plagued with viruses and other computer bugs. A company providing IT solutions will help ensure that network security is longer a worry. These companies will provide network security to offer protection from viruses and hacking attempts. An IT company can provide network monitoring to always provide a watchful eye for your business. One study found that 20 percent of small businesses will experience a hacking threat within 12 months.
  • Move Location of Router: The location of a router is very important in an office. A router located too far away from computers will provide slower connection speeds. Routers that are located too near certain computers may provide an uneven bandwidth layout across the office. Ensuring you have the router is somewhat of a central office location is a must.
  • Consider Implementing Telecommuting: A business may find that bandwidth is being used simply because there are too many employees using a network. You may consider a telecommuting work program for certain employees. Telecommuting is most commonly seen with large companies, with 69 percent allowing workers to telecommute. You will want to ensure network security is protected, especially when employees are working out of the office. A study done in 2013 found that two out of three large companies in America allow works to occasionally telecommute.
  • Use a Wireless Signal Booster: Devices are available that can help strengthen the wi fi signal at your office. In many situations, offices use wireless internet boosters due to the large amounts of bandwidth they need. If speeds are extremely slow, multiple boosters may need to be used. A booster receives a wireless signal and then sends it back out to nearby locations, helping to improve overall office network speed.
  • Not every solution will provide an adequate speed improvement. You will want to consider calling a network support company if these solutions do not help. In any case, a network support company will help to ensure the wi fi of your business operates at the fastest speeds possible.

    In closing, there are several ways to increase the speed of your office’s network. You will want to ensure your network has a password, to lock out public users. A network password keeps your network only accessible to those who have the password. Moving a router to a centralized location often improves wireless internet speeds. One common cause of a slow network is having too many users. It is wise to consider offering telecommuting work to lower bandwidth usage.

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