Reliable, Accessible And Consistent The Benefits Of Cloud Brokerage Services

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Cloud service companies

In the age of the Internet taking advantage of the vast array of technologies available to you means the difference between success and failure. With so many brands and services competing for attention each day, knowing where and how to reach out to customers requires a sharp eye for trends and little details. Where do you start, though, when simply accessing that information is a slow and monotonous process? A cloud brokerage service can give you and your business the tools you need to organize information and streamline your workflow, using a flexible and ever-expanding server that can be accessed at any level. Below is a simple list on the function of cloud services, recent market projections and why more and more businesses turn to it as a prime net-based tool every year.

What Are Cloud Communications?

Cloud is a form of data management that allows businesses to organize vital information and apply it throughout their business, allowing for the use of feedback and visualization in the development and application process. Although it takes on many forms and can apply multiple functions, its primary use is to provide businesses with a quick and useful solution regarding data. Businesses everywhere are turning to it as one of the most convenient and easily implemented web-based tools available. The predicted increase in the global market for cloud equipment is at least $80 billion by 2018, with future projections looking extremely positive.

What Are Projections For Future Cloud Use?

Surveys conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that public cloud spending would increase significantly, going from $40 billion in 2012 to over $100 billion in the beginning of 2016. The ever-growing demand for managed security services has played a massive role in securing the future of cloud-based security services, with the market now projected to hit nearly $9 billion by 2019. With businesses and enterprises seeing their services and products exchanged through so many hands, cloud services create a streamlined approach to better encourage quality, consistency and accessibility. 70% of top IT executives are involved in the cloud development process and the majority of companies use either public cloud or private cloud services.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Cloud Services?

Cloud brokerage services give businesses a much needed tool in distributing, organizing and accessing information. A recent study sees nearly 50% of enterprise respondents making plans to adopt hybrid cloud systems or services in the very near future, with 52% of organizations having already updated their cloud services to more recent models. Thanks to the cloud’s flexibility, it can be easily accessed and used by people of different skill sets and backgrounds. Multiple surveys have shown customers of cloud services finding reliability the most important factor at 43%, significantly beyond cost and the ability to integrate.

Why Should My Business Use A Cloud Service Brokerage?

Cloud consultants have their work cut out for them, as more businesses every day are making the switch to cloud services. Using a cloud computing model for IT services has seen the government reducing its data center infrastructure expenditure by a significant 30%, which is nothing to say of nearly 80% of organizations creating plans for governance policy involving their cloud usage. Studies have shown businesses turning to cloud brokerage services to better share data seamlessly across all their applications, citing better integration between development teams as a key factor. If you’re interested in streamlining your company’s workflow and delivering consistent results, make the switch to a cloud brokerage service.

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