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The United States construction market is the second largest within the global marketplace. As a result, the construction services market share is approximately 10%. Given that this is a multi-faceted industry, a large percentage of it is focused on construction projects to house information technology (IT) data centers and other telecommunication-based equipment.

Businesses that provide data protection, recovery, and other related IT services are essential to the smooth functioning of the construction services and other industries. Furthermore, these business are also concerned with protecting sensitive material.


New viruses, or types of malware, are discovered on a daily basis. There are approximately 200,000-to-300,000 new viruses that come to the attention of IT and other personnel. Antivirus software, however, does detect about 25% of this malware, according to recent statistics provided by Brian Krebs. More specifically, this software is able to detect email-driven malware at this rate.

Identity Theft

Over the next year, according to the Federal Trade Commission, for every 33 people, at least one will have their identity stolen. Furthermore, on an annual basis, around 15 million people in the United States have their identities fraudulently used.

Identity theft, including the fraudulent used of another person’s identity, is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States. Furthermore, it continues to expand in scope and causes up to $50 billion in financial losses on an annual basis.

Secure Records Management

When 300 companies’ top executives were polled, they reported that maintaining the security of their records was a critical issue facing their business. In fact, they ranked this concern as one of their top five issues.

United States hospitals also experience data breaches. The costs to these hospitals is approximately $6 billion every year. Furthermore, a recent study by Redspin, which is a security firm, found that a considerable amount of data breaches had been discovered and reported to Heath and Human Services. Since August 2009, it was found that nearly 30 million patient records had been breached.

An IT solutions company can provide a variety of services to assist with data protection and backup as well as data recovery. When looking for solutions to maintain data safety, anti virus protection is just one of the many solutions that can be recommended by an IT services provider.

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