Online Talks Bring Down Barriers to Knowledge

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What are google talks? Google talks are presentations sponsored by google, and given by invited speakers. These speakers present at google offices around the world. The talks are anywhere from forty to seventy minutes long, and so far there have been almost two thousand guest speakers. There are several categories, including authors, comedians, broadway, candidates, chefs, education, leading, musicians, politics, and women. These speakers range from well known stars to little known poets. Notable speakers have included Stephen Colbert, Randall Monroe, Lady Gaga, and Noam Chomsky.

Google tech talks are for technical topics and examine issues relating to both technology and science. Some of the most widely regarded discussions have been about Python 3000, how to work through open source projects, DARPA robot racing, scrum agile software development methodology, wikipedia, computers vs common sense and AI, network science, human computation, and scrum tuning. Unlike other popular talk formats, as you can probably tell, google tech talks, although sometimes understandable to outsiders, are primarily made for people who have a solid understanding of technology.

Google tech talks online, ultimately, are part of an internet educational revolution. Thirty years ago, accessing information of this level would be expensive, not to mention there would be a fair amount of time spent on just figuring out how to obtain it. Information acquisition would consistently be limited to a core group of people involved with these subjects. Today, anyone with an internet connection can learn about any number of subjects, to an incredibly detailed degree.

The benefit to not only us, but future generations, cannot be discounted when wrapping our minds around the implications of widespread information access. The barriers to knowledge are finally being brought down so that income, location, and career are not factors which inhibit us from learning about the subjects we wish to learn about.

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