Military Veterans Add an Automatic Skill Set to Any Company

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No matter what side of the American political fence you find yourself leaning on, one thing almost all American citizens agree on is that we must support our American servicemen and women who have given so much in service to our country. One of the things that is difficult for many military veterans is finding steady employment once they return from active duty and become civilians, once again. But the truth is, so much of what they have had to do in their military service has prepared them for the same type of impeccable execution that almost any job in the private sector would require.

What prospective employers might not fully be aware of is how much the training military personnel receive in the service has prepared them for work in the civilian workforce. Many veterans come into the job market with the skills to be a sales manager, software developers, and project management employees.

Employers who have hired military veterans in the past have been impressed by the many skills that they bring to the table. The top five skills that they often point to include, respect, an ability to lead, self-discipline, attention to details, and a recognition of the value of teamwork. Veterans have been prepared to carry out tasks and do them with such impeccable execution that their abilities to handle civilian jobs make them more than capable.

Many states are now recognizing the fact that military veterans are receiving all kinds of training in the service. The training and job experience they receive used to not be recognized as sufficient, but that is no longer the case. For example, in 34 states, “behind the wheel” driving tests have been waived for veterans who drove trucks while in the military. These states have taken the initiative to understand that the impeccable execution that is required for truck driving in the military should make veterans more than qualified to drive a truck when they return home and are looking for work behind the wheel of a truck.

In a recent survey, 71% of the respondents admitted that they have been seeing a shortage of candidates with the right skills for the jobs they need to fill in 2014. In 2013, the number of respondents who admitted the same thing was as high as 76%. Whether this decrease in the need for specifically skilled workers is the result of more companies hiring military veterans is unclear.

What is clear is that specific skills are becoming more and more necessary in many different industries. The need for impeccable execution continues to important, and with military veterans returning to the workforce, many employers are seeing how important their skill sets are.

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