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No matter what kind of business one may be involved in, there is a good chance that the internet could affect them, especially with something like a search engine. Like others that enjoy keep up on certain advances in technology, people interested in the way search engines are advancing could learn a lot from one of the many Google tech talks online. The number of things that a simple Google tech talk could show people is absolutely astounding.

One of the first groups of people that may be interested in watching a Google tech talk are search engine and internet marketers. As of May 2013, an astounding 67 percent of search engine users preferred Google over Yahoo and Bing. Because of this, anyone interested in search marketing will want to know what is going on with Google. A new tech talk could tell someone all they need to know about state of the art Google search ranking algorithms, including Penguin and Panda.

Some people may tune into a Google tech talk with the hopes of learning about new things that could help make their internet search experience simpler. Each year, more people make the switch from their old internet browser to Google Chrome. With its ease of use and a number of innovative features, this state of the art browser could be learned by anyone.

Someone could also tune into a Google tech talk with the hopes of becoming a better writer. Even if they are not interested in marketing or SEO writing, they will want to make sure that people can see their material. Bloggers and amateur journalists could find keep up to date with all of the latest news from the search giant to be incredibly helpful. Those individuals that are still operating like it is 2005 will most likely find themselves falling further and further behind the competition.

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