How Trends in Hospitality Technology Affect Your Property

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Client loyalty

Technology has changed everything, and the hospitality business is no exception. In the past, it may have been enough to provide great customer service and keep up the occasional billboard or yellow pages ad. But today, trends in hospitality technology are changing the future of the hotel industry.

Customers are increasingly using mobile technology to make decisions about where they stay. Surveys indicate that over 50% of people in America use a mobile device to find information before making travel decisions. The average traveler will do this 17 times before actually making a booking.

This means that among the important trends in hospitality technology you must keep ahead of is the need to find the best hotel software systems to make your property stand out. You want your venue to be at the top of any list of hotel properties in your area.

These trends in hospitality technology also mean that customers are increasingly relying on technology to make decisions. Superior concierge service, for example. is liable to get your property a good review, and a good review can mean everything to today’s customers.

After considering price and location, travelers looking to book a bed-and-breakfast, for example, consider reviews, pictures, recommendations from friends, flexible cancellation policies, and the ability to book online–in that order–as all very important. Your hotel software or pms system needs to be able to meet these needs.

Your hospitality management software must also be equipped to deal with trends in hospitality technology that relate to negative reviews. Research says that if a customer expends too much effort over a problem with a company, 96% of them will give up all loyalty to the company. In 2011, 86% of customers quit dealing with a company over a bad experience.

These bad experiences translate into bad reviews; and current trends in hospitality technology indicate that these reviews will make a strong impression on later potential customers. it is essential for hospitality management to work out how to provide the kind of great customer service that results in client loyalty.

It?s also important to use trends in hospitality technology to your advantage with regard to generational differences. While only 45% of Baby Boomers cite cost as a major factor stopping them from taking leisure travel, more than half of Generation X and Millennial travelers feel the same.

This could mean that while Baby Boomers will weight other factors?like customer service, location, and amenities?as highly in their decision making as price, the same is not true of younger customers. Depending on which generation your property hopes to market to, you could make changes to hotel reservations software that to appeal to different types of people.

Keeping ahead of trends in hospitality technology is key to success in today?s hospitality industry. To see long-term success, know your potential customer base, be aware of the affect of social media on your property?s image, and keep abreast of the latest trends in hotel industry.

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