How to Make Your iPhone Charger Last Longer

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It seems that consumers are constantly having to replace iPhone chargers and even splurging on cell phone cable accessories by getting a more durable charger only lasts slightly longer. First, you should know, if its damaged throw it out because in 2008 electrical fires caused 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries and frayed chargers are a potential fire hazard. You can utilize these tips to increase the life of your charger by reducing the damage inflicted upon it.

  • Power surges: Utilizing a power strip surge protector can save your charger from damage since power surges have been known to fry cables. This is especially true for lightning cables which are basically usb cables with a processor inside that can tell which way you have your device plugged in and routes the data signals. Since most people leave their charger plugged in even when not in use a surge protector is a great way to protect your charger. If you aren’t too keen on the power strip surge protectors and only need plugs for one or two things they do have them available with fewer outlets also.

  • Overuse: The average person charges their phone more than once per day and doesn’t always wait for it to finish before use. This increases the chances of damage because of all the pulling and jiggling of the cord but there are options for increasing charging speed. For example, using a 12-watt usb power adapter takes almost two hours to charge an iPhone 6 but using a 12-watt iPad charger instead cuts this time in half.

  • Cord protection: Besides using power strip surge protectors and faster chargers, the best way to protect your iPhone charger from considerable damage is to utilize a spring or tubing of some sort for the section of cord right next to where it is directly connected to the iPhone. Everyone who has ever owned the standard iPhone charger knows this is the first section to fray and boy does it happen quickly. By limiting the ability for the cord to bend at this point you can prevent damage and save money on cell phone accessories.

Another thing is to beware of knock-offs, if the price seems too good to be true for a cord that should be fairly expensive then it probably is and these generally pop out with a number of issues. So if your charger isn’t too far gone or you have just purchased a new one and are looking for ways to limit damage just follow these steps to make your charger last significantly longer.

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