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One of the largest markets found on the web is search engines and search engine optimization is considered the most lucrative industry on the web. Google is the most well known search engine and provides many other additional services that don’t involve search results. For example, Google routinely invites special guests and sponsors for presentations that are known as Google Tech Talks. Google Tech Talks are considered valuable among those who are interested in learning information about the latest technology being used online. A variety of presentations provided by Google include people like authors, women, musicians and political candidates. Live streaming videos are offered for Google Tech Talks.

Seminars online are often referred to as “webinars.” A lot of seminars are simultaneously being held online and offline. Live video feeds are provided for people who are interested in watching Google Tech Talks on the web. The main advantage of Google Tech talks is the ability to provide a live feed of a seminar to people around the world. Most seminars online only last around 40 to 70 minutes and they can include a wide range of topics. During 2009, Google invited around 1700 guest speakers for special events and presentations online.

Since Google purchased YouTube, a lot of presentations are made available online YouTube. It is common or people to watch Google Tech Talks with their mobile device, like smart phones and tablets. Finding online seminars is achieved by using social media sites, search engines, blogs and business directories. A great deal of information can be learned by spending time watching online seminars by professional speakers. Some seminars allow people to chat and ask questions during the presentation. People from around the world can get involved with Google tech talks and share their opinions and ideas, as well as learn important information.

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