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Google Tech Talks are quite simply technical lectures and presentation give by various technical experts across the community. The Google Tech Talks, while maintaining an engineering perspective, span a wide spectrum of topics on both emerging and existing technologies. They can provide insight into both technology specifics and ways of thinking about future topics.

Some past Google tech talks have included inventor Guido van Rossum talking about his Python language and development or a talk from a DARPA Challenge winner on the process to get to the top. They explore various technical skills and methodologies for success.

Some of the underlying themes in the Google Tech Talks highlight more about human nature and development as much as they look at technical details. Software design and engineering all share some very structured ways of looking at the world. The Google Tech Talks can help get into the gritty details and the more fluid ways of getting your idea out.

Take simple code development through agile development, it is based on iterative development and testing to create a final code base. When you see it as a software task, it is pretty straightforward. When you look at it through a program management lens you may have a completely different view. You are managing various cycles and information structures. While you may have to translate everything to a computer readable algorithm, you cannot teach ideation and brainstorming, at least not on a project development level. These are some of the themes that are uncovered in the the Google Tech Talks, whether intentional or not.

On a practical level, they do provide some instruction and direction for future innovation. Going back to the python Google Tech Talks, the inventor has done a presentation about the language today and a follow up to highlight where it is headed. This can help other developer think about their projects from a scalable and innovative standpoint, and how they might fit into the Google Tech Talks model of innovation.

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