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Technology has in recent years become more and more indispensable when it comes to growing business. Google suite for business is a technology that will create any presentations, documents, or spreadsheets at the click of a key whenever and wherever they are needed. Employees partnering in their work effort are able to have access to documents and make changes or additions at the same time. G suite provides a group getting ready for a meeting or conference with more time to prepare because they no longer have to wait for someone else to finish with the file they need to access. In 2007 it was reported that G suite controlled 10% of the cloud office market; by 2012 that percentage grew to between 33% and 50%.

Google suite for business has built in accessibility to details that will no longer have to be done by employees who have more important things to do; for instance, setting up meetings. G suite can easily be accessed not only on the computer, but on personal tablets and iphones as well. All company data is kept safe in google suite for business, and can be accessed by everyone who is a part of the team. Calendars, schedules, company information and more are kept safe with google data backup. Interestingly, a poll taken in 2013 revealed that 30% of people who actively use their computers had never backed up their data. Back up, especially for business, whether it be a large corporation or small business, is essential to its growth and proper development. Google cloud backup is an affordable and safe way to be sure that every bit of data is secure.

G suite for education is an innovative set of apps, similar to the apps available for businesses. However, g suite for education is designed to bring teachers and students to a place where they can work together on projects, spreadsheets, and papers with the kind of guidance that opens new doors to understanding. When a student is working on a class paper, for instance, he or she may spend too much time trying to place slides together that will express what they want to say. With g suite for education suggestions and ideas are put forth to the student about the formatting of the information that will help to bring the important points out in just the right places.

Even scheduling is handled by g suite for education for meetings between students and teachers. It will automatically scan dates and times until it finds one that is convenient for everyone, taking the stress out of appointment scheduling, and keeping both the student and teacher’s time free for more important tasks.

And with backup features like google apps for education backup, google calendar backup, google apps for education backup, and much more, there is no need to worry about losing information that is so important to businesses and schoolwork. More than half, 51%, of G suite administrative users feel that access to data from anywhere at all is the most important reason to make the move to the cloud.

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