Four Ways to Prevent Your Home From Being Targeted by Burglars

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When you have a family, it is easy to get completely absorbed in all of the dangers there are in the world. You can put covers on all of your outlets, and a locked gate around your swimming pool, and those fancy blinds that don’t have cords, to increase your protection. However, sometimes danger comes and finds you. One such danger that you can’t control is the danger of home intrusion.

Unfortunately, there will always be bad people in the world, who do bad things. One such bad thing is breaking into other people’s homes. While you can’t make the possibility of bad people not exist, you can decrease the likelihood of anyone targeting your home. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of factors that convicted perpetrators of home invasion considered before breaking into a home.

Four Things That Make Robbers Avoid Your Home

  1. Installing surveillance systems.

    Surveillance systems are a straight-forward line of defense against robbers. Many people who are seasoned home invaders are trained to identify homes that have surveillance systems and avoid them.

    You might assume that video surveillance systems
    probably cost more than you could ever afford to buy, install and maintain. However, with the development of cloud data storage and low-cost recording devices, even robust home security systems don’t cost much more than your smart phone to purchase and aren’t much more complicated to operate.

    Speaking of smart phones, there are home security systems available now that allow you to speak to anyone who comes to your door, no matter if you’re home or away (without the visitor knowing that you aren’t home). This is a huge break-in deterrent, as most home invaders target homes where they know no one is there (actually, some studies show this is the single common denominator with home invasions).

  2. Avoiding too much privacy.

    Another factor that convicted home invaders said they look for when targeting a home to break in to is homes that they could get into without being seen. If you are far apart from any of your neighbors, or have a lot of bushes or foliage around your home, so that it can’t be seen from the street, you might be at a higher risk of home invasion.

    Obviously if you already live in your home, you can’t do much to change the proximity you are from your neighbors, but if you’re looking for a home to purchase, this is a factor to keep in mind. If you have obstructions blocking the view of your home from the street or neighbors, you might want to consider lowering them to prevent break-ins.

  3. Never looking vacant.

    Almost 100% of convicted home invaders say that they only approach a home if they know with certainty that no one is home. You can use this to your advantage by making your home never look empty. One tip that pretty much every ex-burglar suggested is keeping a television or radio on, loud enough that it can be heard from the entrance. Most (if not all) burglars approach their target by knocking on the door to see if anyone is home. If they come to the door and hear and hear the TV or radio on, they will not even knock as they wouldn’t want you to see their face and become a potential witness.

    Another way to represent that someone is home is parking a spare car in the driveway, rather than in the garage.

  4. Getting an guard animal.
    A confident burglar might feel like they can surpass a good security system. They might think they can break in to your home in the middle of the night, when no one is watching. They might even have the backbone to break in while people are present. However, almost across the board, if there is a dog present at the residence, no burglar will approach.

    If you are unable to have a dog in your home, installing a dog noise that is triggered when someone approaches as well as “Beware of Dog” signs are simple ways to give off the impression that you have a dog.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced home invasion? Do you have tips you could share with us? Please add your thoughts in the comment section below!

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