Four Reasons you Need a Professional Audio Visual System

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Are you a commercial business that is considering installing an audio visual system? You keep going back and forth in evaluating the use and the cost of this type of a professional sound system. Is the cost of the installation worth it? Will you get enough use out of the audio video system? Will the system require constant repairs and upgrades that are expensive? These are all valid questions. However, in most cases you will find that the installation of a professional audio video design system is useful in a commercial setting for the following reasons.

The ability to translate important messages to the entire building

Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to spread information around the office? You could send a whole office email, but not everyone regularly checks their email. How can you notify the office of a current celebration or an upcoming closed day? What about routine fire or tornado drills that are often required of larger businesses. Low voltage contractors can install a sound system that allows you to speak to everyone in the building, at once.

Stream music to every area of the building

Music is common in waiting rooms. It calms waiting customers and improves overall customer satisfaction. A low volume music system can also increase employee morale and work productivity. Currently, many employees rely on headphones. In fact, the number of headphones and headsets sold worldwide has increased from 236 million in 2013 to an estimate of 334 million in 2016. With a sound system installation by low voltage contractors, you can supply music to both waiting customers and employees. You can also control the volume and type of music with one setting.

Page a specific employee or customer

Depending on the size of your businesses building, it could take some time to track down a single employee or customer. This can waste business time and productivity. By bringing in low voltage contractors and installing a companywide sound system, you can easily page a single person. You can notify them of where to go and save everyone time.

Improve office presentations

Many businesses rely on presentations to share information or to notify employees of changing protocols. One of the biggest problems with professional presentations is problems with the sound or visuals. Having a professionally installed sound system not only reduces the chances of these problems but also makes it easier for larger groups to hear. For especially large groups, consider aids that are easy to see, such as slides or transparencies. The optimum group size for these methods is five to 100 people. Groups that are larger than 25 people are likely to require a larger screen and an assistant to change the frames. Fortunately, low voltage contractors can set up a sound system to meet your specific business needs.

Improving office presentations may be worth it in itself. The studies suggest that three days after an event, people retain about 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation, about 35% from a visual presentation, and about 65% from a visual and oral presentation. With an advanced audio visual system, you can significantly improve the quality of the business presentations. In some cases, this can also help with signing additional clients.

Many businesses consider the value of a professional audio visual system at some time. They compare the costs of a professional installation and the benefit to their business. Most businesses will find some value, especially in the form of improved professional business presentations. Audio visual systems can significantly improve overall work productivity and employee morale.

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