Five Reasons to Move Your Computing to the Cloud

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Cloud computing is the new big thing. Where once people were extremely dubious about putting sensitive business information online, the cloud communications industry is now worth nearly 80 billion dollars, and nearly half of all businesses are thinking of integrating cloud services brokers into their model of operations. Those of us not directly involved in this trend may be asking why. Below are just a few of the reasons that cloud brokerage services are the next big thing:
1. Flexibility. The key to keeping a business afloat is making sure your overhead is lean and efficient and your revenue is maximized. Cloud services brokers will provide you with bandwith options ranging from super fast Fortune 500 company levels to small business level depending on your enterprises growing and changing needs. Best of all, the price will reflect the proportion of service, so that your business model and your expenses can remain in balance.
2. Better collaboration. The majority of businesses when polled say that the main reason they decided to convert to cloud computing was that it allowed people to share data and documents easily across different platforms. In the old days, people used to have to email different versions of documents back and fourth. Not only did this inhibit collaboration, it greatly increased the chances of errors and “old” versions of documents being shared! Now, thanks to cloud services brokers, everyone can edit one copy of a document on platforms like Google docs and Onedrive simultaneously if they so choose. Which brings us to the third thing…
3. Security. The instinct is to assume that anything just hanging out in cyberspace is automatically less safe than something on a hard drive. But think about it. A hard drive can be stolen, or picked clean with a USB. Most importantly, all the emailing back and fourth of documents practically ensures that sensitive information is already at risk in cyberspace, on multiple hard drives, and in multiple hands. With could computing, it’s one document on one platform. That’s it. Seamless. Easy. And, unlike the over-tired secretary’s computer when they forget to log out, encrypted!
4. Automated updates. It used to be that updating software packages like Microsoft Office or Vensim required half a day, a manual, and a prayer. Now, thanks to cloud computing, updates are usually automatic and require little to no work from you!

5. More recovery options. Every one of us has Xed out of a Word document before saving at least once only to lose a few hours worth of work. Still more of us have probably spilled something on our laptops and have resorted to throwing the devices in rice for a day and fervently hoping they’ll come back to life like Frankenstein. Cloud computing makes breaking hardware less inconvenient by ensuring your documents can be accessed from any computer, and most have automated save commands, so even if you forget to hit the little floppy disk in the top left corner — you’re golden.
Get your stuff in the cloud. Just trust us, it’s the future.

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