Does the ROI Outweigh Yellow Pages Advertising Cost?

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Before the internet exploded, largely in part to internet advertising companies like Google, the number one way for businesses to get their brand in front of people, at least on the local level, was with Yellow Pages advertising. With the rise of web internet marketing, printed forms of business local listings soon lost their appeal, replaced by digital listings that were cheaper and could reach both the mobile and traditional computing market. However, as recent statistics have shown, Yellow Page advertising is making a significant comeback.

Yellow Pages Advertising Costs
According to Entrepreneur, Yellow Pages advertising costs can run anywhere from completely free to multiple thousands of dollars. Why the huge price fluctuation? Length and the geographically-based value of marketing space has a lot to do with it. Purchasing a line ad isn’t going to cost you a thing, but if you want a display ad, the Yellow Pages advertisement costs start to add up. Consider, a one-inch space listing in New York City can cost as much as $2,500. For that same size space in a small town, you’re talking about the tenth of the cost at $252.

Is the Cost Justified?
Critics say that Yellow Pages advertising costs are the number one reason not to leave your advertising to this more traditional form of local marketing. However, recent statistics from Entrepreneur show that thinking might just be wrong. 96% of all American households still have at least one copy of their local Yellow Pages. In an emergency, whether the power is out or you need pest control, the Yellow Pages remain the number one place people look first for help.

The real comeback for Yellow Pages listings has come from the move to digital mediums. Agencies still maintain a physical book, but taking to the web, according to ATandT, allows Yellow Pages providers to generate over 140 million unique searches a month. Further, 55% of digital Yellow Page users have made a purchase using the ads found on these localized search engines.

Can Yellow Pages Generate Significant ROI?
Despite their move to digital, many are still left wondering whether or not Yellow Pages advertising costs will actually wind up netting them any return on investment. According to Search Engine Land, the answer is a definite “yes.” The fact is that Yellow Pages, for decades, made their money by forming lasting relationships with local businesses. Just because they’ve gone digital doesn’t change that fact. Further, as recent statistics from the Local Search Association show, 67% of people say they’ve used search engines in the last month, with a close 62% saying the same for Yellow Pages. With a user-base still competitive with search engine giants, it’s hard to argue against the ROI-netting potential of the Yellow Pages.

Admittedly, using the Yellow Pages is not going to be as useful to some businesses as it is to others. However, especially for small businesses focused on local success, Yellow Pages remain a great way to generate a healthy ROI.

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