Customers Form An Impression Of Your Business In Four Seconds Is Your Website Up To Snuff?

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Is your business prepared to handle a disaster?

As the saying goes, “Luck favors the prepared.” Rather than think you’ll be one of the exceptions to the rule, give yourself peace-of-mind and look into IT solutions this year. Even though there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to technology, there’s plenty you have to worry about if you’re to keep your business. Compromised data, stolen identities and wasted money are all very real issues that can strike at any time. Don’t give them a fighting chance. See how the digital tools listed below can give your brand a leg up on the competition.

First things first. How’s your website doing? This is the face of your business and, as such, needs to greet customers with a smile. IT services are a veritable treasure trove of resources to make sure every aspect of your business is meeting the constantly shifting standards of a demanding customer base. Your website needs to provide useful information in a visually appealing manner, eschewing memory-hungry advertisements in favor of a sleek style that keeps people coming back. An illuminating study found that customers will form an impression of your business in four seconds or less. There’s no time to waste!

What else can you do to support your website? Reach out to IT solutions and ask about their digital marketing tools. The shiniest, snazziest website on the Internet won’t have a leg to stand on if people can’t even find it. SEO is a great way to bring relevant search results and interested customers together, making all parties happy with just a few clever clicks. Studies have shown over 60% of all organic clicks will go straight to the top three search results. If you want a hope of standing out amid the pack you need to get your digital marketing budget in order.

Investing in a blog can do some good, too. B2B companies that maintain active blogs (or social media accounts), for example, generate 65% more leads than those without. Additional studies suggest regular blogging can increase web traffic by 55%. Customers like engaging with their brands beyond a basic purchase and are more likely to stick around if they develop a working relationship with their favorite business. This can mean checking back for limited-edition specials or just leaving a comment on a useful post. There are hundreds of ways to reach out to your customers. IT solutions can narrow your business down to the best.

IT support isn’t just for sprucing up your website and fixing up your animated banners. They can help you on the employment side of things to inject some much needed blood into your business’s veins. Large companies that offer opportunities to work from home or on-the-go can have as many as 70% of their employees working remotely. This creates some much-needed flexibility when you have potential workers with great resumes but conflicting schedules. An estimated two out of three companies will offer occasional telecommuting, though this figure is going to grow much higher over the next decade.

It’s common for IT solutions to be associated with cybersecurity. As you likely already know, the Internet is both a boon and a struggle. New viruses are created every single day and it seems like there’s always a fresh, new means of getting you to part with your hard-earned work. Managed IT services will steer you in the right direction to prevent your business from being torn down. It’s thought as many as 20% of all small businesses will be hacked within a year of being made. Another 48% of enterprises have had to restore lost information after their cloud database was compromised.

Let IT consulting sit you and your brand down for a check-up this year. There’s always a safer, smarter way to run a business.

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