Choosing the Best Cloud Server Can Be Easy

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What are your opinions on the cloud? Hopefully, you’ve seized advantage of its wonderful ability to host a large amount of information, and make it easily accessible. In one study, about 25% of participants said the first thing they would move to the cloud was storage. However, it is important to take a moment and remember that just because you are not hosting the files on one of your servers, those files still need to be hosted somewhere.

About 87% of businesses are now using the cloud for some of there operations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cyber attacks have increased by 23% since 2013. Cloud hosting is not apparently without its risks. Do not let these numbers deter you. A secure web host server is possible, it simply takes a little more research on your part.

You may have heard to never store sensitive information in the cloud. If the information is not there, no one can steal it, right? But that is not a feasible option for most, if not all companies. There are a couple of options, and your host server may offer these services automatically.

The first line of defense may be encryption. Those who have the key can read the information, such as your employees. Those who do not have the key cannot. Now, it is not strictly necessary to encrypt all information. It can be arranged that only the information of a sensitive sort, such as personal information, is automatically encrypted.

But it is not just security you’ll need to think about. Sure, customers place safety foremost in what they ask of a company they give money to, and yet. There are other features that matter almost as much.

Because a cloud host server is managed by a service provider and not your company, the micromanaging of security is not within your purview. When comparing providers, ask to see their uptime scores, which should be above 99%, and there last server reliability report. Also, double check that the server is able to handle the amount of traffic you expect. A crashed site does no one any favors.

Do you need your website to be available 24/7? Or to put it another way, how do you do customer service? Because your host server should match that; it would not do to have a problem with a customer and have your hands tied.

Make a list of what you expect from a cloud host. It will give you a better idea of which companies will fit your needs and which won’t. Remember, most companies have already added cloud services to their operations. You don’t want to be left behind.

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