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Today it seems like any business could use some free marketing tips. The marketing game has changed over the past few decades, and therefore so have the rules. The Internet has made it possible and fairly simple to share new ideas, discoveries, and products with others all over the globe. Here’s the catch–with so much information out there now, it’s easy for even the best ideas and products to get lost in the massive, tangled web. Additionally, there are so many facets to the Internet that skipping out on even one method of online marketing can be harmful to a company’s outreach to potential customers.

The rules have indeed changed. With smartphones, social media, and search engines dominating the ways in which consumers find and purchase products, businesses both large and small need to creatively adapt to the shifting landscape. They say nothing in this life is free, but check out these three free marketing tips anyway:

1) Inbound Leads are In
, it’s helpful to understand the difference between inbound and outbound leads. Inbound leads refer to the active pursuit by a customer toward a given company. In other words, someone is looking for a specific item or service and therefore seeks businesses to provide that item or service. By following a proper trail of advertisements, this potential customer will be lead to whichever provider promises the best quality for the best price.

Outbound leads refer to the activity of the company toward the consumer. A common example of this type of marketing is when a company or person sends out emails or makes phone calls to potential customers with certain offers. Outbound lead generation has become more and more outdated in recent years. These marketing campaigns can be costly and are typically short term, whereas inbound lead generation is long term and less costly.

Both types of marketing have their place, but with the rise of the Internet, inbound lead generation has become a cheaper and more effective way for businesses to bring people to them. With inbound lead marketing such as social media and search engine optimization (SEO), companies can reach many more people.

2) Mobilizing Mobile
As of 2015, close to two thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and the number is only rising. As more people have access to the Internet wherever they go, the higher the benefits of mobile marketing become. Catering advertisements and web design to mobile devices is becoming necessary for businesses to reach potential customers.

Since smartphones are just about always with their user, many apps utilize the GPS feature of these devices to easily advertise nearby and sought after locations, events, and service. This type of marketing is a win-win for both he consumer and the business since it provides convenience for the former and real-time advertising for the producer.

3) Social Media Matters
Social media use has become just about as ubiquitous as smartphone use, and both entities feed into one another. With services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, people are connected with the people, places, and things that they love around the clock.

So how does social media help businesses? The connectivity of social media is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to consumers in both a personal and general way. Companies can regularly dish out blogs to explain their products to their customers and make them more interesting and interactive. They can also reply directly to comments left by satisfied or disgruntled customers, creating a caring, personalized atmosphere.

These are just three free marketing tips, but several more can be found online, in addition to different types of marketing strategies. Look at that–online searches do produce results!

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