Getting The Most Out Of Your Technological Devices

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Technology is something that people have come to depend on for a number of things. We shop online, we sometimes attend school online — some people even work online. Of course, technology has evolved in more practical, physical ways as well. Many people no longer primarily depend on their computers for technology, desktop or laptop. In fact, many now primarily use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It’s estimated that 395 iPhones are sold each minute, and there are 101 million iPhone users in the U.S. IPhones are hardly the only smartphones on the market, either — when you take into account the many android phones that have become popular in recent years, the number of people who use smartphones is really exponential. But it’s not enough to use technology on its own — to get the most out of tech

Where Do You Purchase Your Bulk Fiber Optic Cables?

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Usb 2.0 cable

It’s called a junk drawer for a reason, but this is getting ridiculous. As you sorted through phone chargers and network ethernet cables, you came across pens, pencils, paper clips and a variety of other things you would expect to find in a junk drawer in a kitchen of a large home. You could not, however, find the one thing that you were looking for, Cat6 ethernet cables were on your packing list and you knew you had some in the house somewhere.
In this age of wireless everything, we often lose track of and forget about the basics that we once relied on. The cat6 ethernet cables are one example, however, that most everyone in technology always has on hand. Whether they have a short cable for connecting to an office without WiFi, or they have a Continue Reading No Comments