Web Credibility and Why Some Websites Fail

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For many small and medium sized businesses, the Internet has become a place where exposure is measured in terms of ‘clicks.’ Web traffic, of which search engines play a large role, can be seen as one indicator of the health of a business. With more web traffic comes more potential customers; with less…well, that’s the idea.

But often a small or medium sized business may feel hamstrung as to how to increase web traffic. Here are two areas of importance backed with statistics that will give you the raw truth about a successful (or unsuccessful) web presence.

The Importance of Presentation

Websites have evolved quite a bit within the past decade and even further since the original Continue Reading No Comments

SEO Reseller Plans

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One of the most used tools on the internet is the search engine. There are some search engines that are used more than others and some are more popular than others. Google is one of the most popular ones that online users use. In fact, most people start their time spent online using Google’s search engine in order to locate the things that they need to know about. Because of this, website owners need to make sure their websites are search engine optimized. Everyone is trying for first page placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are some excellent seo reseller plans to avail yourself of if you need search engine optimization services.

SEO reseller plans are offered by white label seo resellers. SEO resellers that offer these plans under a white label are partnered with professional seo firms. The seo firms are responsible for doing all of the seo work on the back end. SEO reseller plans can be purchased through an seo reseller. The reseller has the freedom to offer seo reseller plans at discount rates. In fact, it is a good idea to shop around to find the best seo reseller plans for the best and most affordable rates. The different seo reseller plans can be customized to your particular needs.

For instance, you probably are thinking that you need social media marketing services now if you own a website too, right? Well, the best seo reseller plans can include that service in the package. Maybe you need help with marketing and placing ads on the internet and you need lots of optimized content for blogs and such. You can get these services in seo reseller plans too. Find out more by searching for seo reseller plans online today. Some plans don’t allow customization so be sure you look for all of the services you need on one seo reseller plan if you can. If not, find a reseller that can accommodate your needs.