iPad Management Tools Make Companies More Effective

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Iphone management

Roughly 50 percent of all mobile phone users in the United States today own a smartphone. 70 percent of people that have smartphones frequently check their work emails after regular business hours. If your company is using an Apple mobile device such as an ipad in the enterprise, it is important that you have the right iPad management. With proper iPad management or iPhone device management tools you can improve iPad security so that your devices are always safe.

iPhone device management is also important for iPhone security if your company uses iPhones as well as iPads. About 9 percent of those that own iPhones have dropped them in the toilet. With the right software, you can prevent these mistakes from costing your business a great deal of money. ipad management will save you from human error if a device is lost or forgotten. You can also find management tools to make your BYOD policy more efficient.

The biggest hurdle to BYOD adoption is security, followed by cost and the expertise of users. Employees that can successfully use a BYOD model, however, will be more productive, have a streamlined workflow, and require less paperwork. Be sure that you select the right software management tools to improve the viability of your BYOD model. With management tools that your company can use successfully it will be much easier to keep your devices running smoothly so that your business can take full advantage of technology to make sure that it is doing everything possible to succeed.

Employees providing their own smartphones requires mobile device management solutions

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Iphone encryption

It’s not uncommon nowadays for companies to ask their employees to provide their own smartphone devices, leaving it up to IT managers to find mobile device management solutions for managing 100s of devices at a time. Everyone has a smartphone these days. There are approximately 65 million American smartphone users, which makes the bring your own device business model ideal for companies.

Realizing that most of their employees are already wired, companies don’t want to have to pay for a second device and plus service if their staffers already have their own. Instead, they are tapping into the existing infrastructure of personal devices but for business usage. According to a recent report, 50 percent of companies that with bring your own device policies also ask them to pay for the devices and all service related costs. For the most part, employees are fine with that set up. Really, who wants to have to carry another smartphone device with them if they already have one?

Gone are the days of tech support commandeering every single desktop and telephone to install or update new software. The bring your own device business model relies on cloud based iphone management which makes the task of updating software easier than having to individually update each device. But knowing which ones require updating when you have 100s of smartphones to manage and secure can be tricky. Having patch management software is a lifesaver. One application can give detailed information on which devices need software updates and help push those updates through for immediate iphone security.

Over the next five years, another one billion smartphones will enter the market, according to ABI Research. As such, having a patch management solution will become standard procedure for IT managers as the benefits of bring your own device measures become commonplace for companies. In 2012 an Enterasys survey found that 74 percent of America companies allowed some form of bring your own device usage. Image what that number will look like in five years? Having employees bringing their own device and paying service is an attractive cost saving opportunity for companies if they can find device management solutions.
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