Monitored Alarm Systems May Help Keep Your Home Safe

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Many people want to make sure that their homes and families are safe and secure. There are many ways to ensure this; however monitored alarm systems are perhaps the most popular. Statistics show that about 87 percent of burglaries are preventable. Preventing burglaries may be assisted with monitored alarm systems.

The most common items stolen during burglaries are cash, electronics, jewelry, guns silver; essentially items that are easy to sell. Other statistic show that single family homes are the most likely targets for burglaries. Geographically, most home burglaries happen in the South, about 47 percent. The West and the Midwest figures reflect a 21 percent rate for each; and the Northeast comes in at 11 percent.

Monitored alarm systems, monitored alarm systems, and wireless home alarms may be able to protect your home from burglaries. Most companies providing monitored alarm systems have numerous monitoring locations. For example, ADT has four monitoring stations located throughout the U.S.

In addition to protecting against break ins and burglaries, monitored alarm systems can also act as fire alarms, as well as medical alert services. Those homes with elderly folks can feel a bit better when the monitored alarm systems they use, also include medical emergency monitoring.

While an alarm monitoring service cannot guarantee that a burglary will not occur, it is safe to say that an alarm system, especially with that sign in the front yard, will probably make that potential burglar think twice. Consider researching burglar alarm companies now!