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If you find that you just cannot get enough technology information in your life, you have a few options to expand your tech horizons. You can find news online. You can subscribe to podcasts. You can look into technology specific TED conferences. Or, the best option for you, you can check out Google Tech Talks.

These are part of the Talks At Google series that Google has sponsored to have famous and influential people come to their various Google sites and give discussions. Some themes have been Authors At Google, Candidates At Google, Women At Google, Musicians At Google, among many others. The Tech Talks are dedicated to exploring areas of technology and science, and can be presentations of incredibly broad overviews of technological aspects, to the most technical discussions on extremely specific subjects.

The Google Tech Talks You Tube page describes itself as a grass roots program. Their purpose is to share information of interest to the technical community. It is a fluid and evolving thing, as they consider it to be part of an ongoing discussion about the world. The key is to discuss a variety of topics with a variety of experts in their fields. They seek to share and explore topics that are either well established or wildly speculative.

The videos that you can find on their You Tube channel best prove their point of diversity of discussion topics. For example, at the time of this writing, the most recent video posted, just 12 hours ago, is titled Why Does My Brain Sleep? Slightly specific, but not as much as the oldest video available, from five years ago. It is titled How Would You Make Miuro the Ultimate Music Concierge? Incredibly specific there. And the most popular video, also from five years ago, with 1,908,719 views, is titled Sex on the Internet, the Realities of Porn, Sexual Privacy, and How Search Affects Them All. Also pretty specific.

As Google Tech Talks have been around for five years now, you can find a huge variety of topics to choose from. Whether you are looking for something specifically discussing a topic that you find interest in, or you just want a random talk about something technologically fascinating, you will most certainly find something there to pique your interests. So listen to some of the best minds talk about their fields, as hosted by one of the best resources on the internet.

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