Cable Commotion What You Need to Know

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Technology is a wonderful thing, but it also offers its challenges. Cables seem to be one of them. Whether you need a replacement charger for your iPhone or an HDMI standard cable, knowing what to choose and why can be tricky.

There can be issues with cell phone cables, for example, which often break or are damaged through ordinary wear and tear. A common fire hazard, damaged and frayed phone charger cables are a legitimate risk, causing more than 53,600 home fires in 2008 and resulting in the deaths of 500, 1,400 injuries and more than $1.4 billion in damage to properties. Damaged chargers, then, really should be replaced.

Another, often bewildering cable, is the Ethernet cable. There are different types of Ethernet cables. A cat6 Ethernet cable, for example, is typically used for networks and multi-line phone systems, has a maximum frequency of 250 MHz, and can transmit up to 10/100/1000Mbps. A cat6a cable, on the other hand, can transmit up to 10Gbps, but has a maximum frequency of 500 MHz. It is usually used for networks. Cat5e cables have the same transmission speed at cat6 Ethernet cables, but a maximum frequency of 100MHz. Those top grade cat5 cables can last anywhere from five years to over ten.

HDMI cables, which are used to connect audio/video sources like set-top boxes or DVD player to a monitor such as a digital television, come in two main types: standard and high-speed. There are three standard types of HDMI cables, namely HDMI Standard, HDMI Standard Automotive and HDMI Standard with Ethernet, while high-speed HDMI cables are of two types: regular HDMI High Speed and HDMI High Speed with Ethernet. Many people believe that the length of the HDMI cable impacts the quality of the video and audio delivered; this is not true unless you are talking about substantially long HDMI cables. So if, for example, you need one that is 100 feet or more, think about investing in a fit for purpose HDMI cable designed for such distance. While HDMI cables can be pricey, they need not cost you as much as $50 and bargain can be had.

Cable maintenance and repair is vital to the continued good running of your electrical devices and appliances. Knowing what you are looking for in a new, high quality cable is vital as poor cables can damage your devices ir even risk causing a fire in your home.

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