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BYOD, Or Bring Your Own Device, Implementation And Android Security Model Use Are The Top Security Concerns For Most Corporate Settings, Which Cloud Software Can Address

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Android security model

Among Americans cell phone owners, around half of them use a smart phone. There are various operating systems for smartphones available, and Google produces Android, an open source operating system that allows users to customize their smart phone experience. This high degree of customization and functionality make it a very popular operating system among IT managers that corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees on staff. Utilizing effective mobile device management will allow for security at companies of that size, even if an employee misplaces their smart phone or tablet that has access to company networks.

Android device management makes Android in the enterprise use very popular. In other words, proprietary and digital security Android management options mean that companies enjoy their Android devices just as much as personal users. BYOD can streamline employee connectivity to company resources, yielding greater productivity among employees, reducing the amount of paper work required, adding more visibility and accountability to work flow and more.

More than half of the tablet users in America say they use these mobile devices for personal and professional purposes. In other words, employers need to make sure that their Android security model is strong. Android security model use varies from company to company. Individual password policies, mobile device tracking options and more are all available through Android security model, and each company is expected to manage its own encryption and maintenance of this security model as new employees connect to cloud based company resources.

CCTV DVRs and Other Surveillance for Home

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8 channel dvr

Are you considering installing a home surveillance system? You may think a bunch of CCTV cameras and a Cctv dvr may be overkill, but many governments and organizations do not. In fact, many private residences are installing surveillance systems. As they grow and improve, you may consider joining them in securing your property.

Home surveillance technology has had a long evolution to the modern technology, like the CCTV DVR. Marie Van Brittan and Albert Brown patented the first home security system in 1969, which consisted of four peep holes and a camera that could slide among them. The camera images would then feed to a monitor, but recording, if any, was far more primitive than what a CCTV DVR could offer.

Cctv cameras are growing in popularity across the U.S. Each year, 2 million burglaries are reported, showing a need for CCTV security for loss prevention. As more cities recognize the need for cameras for loss and crime prevention, the amount of digital data proliferates, necessitating CCTV DVRs.

Furthermore, Chicago’s ambitious surveillance system plans means there will be upgrades in surveillance technology. Just recently, the Department of Homeland Security offered a $5.1 million grant to install 250 surveillance cameras on top of 2,000 already installed. Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley stated that every Chicago street corner will have CCTV by 2016, creating a city wide video surveillance system. CCTV DVRs will need to keep up with the massive amounts of audio and video data that the city will produce.

Such city wide surveillance camera systems are complex, but you can install a simpler but equally effective system at home. The centerpiece of a home system is the CCTV DVR, which can record images from security cameras. Easy to install, a CCTV DVR simply records digital images onto your hard drive.

The next feature is the camera. For most outdoor security cameras, a wireless camera is best. While there need to be some wires for power, audio and visual transmission are truly wireless. As such, they are not vulnerable to sabotage.

If you are considering a home security system, consider a CCTV DVR. Not only would it protect your property, but it will also record any intruder who attempts to commit violence. Loss prevention and safety are two things you cannot buy on the open market, but security can increase them.

Why Seo Resellers Make Sense For Your Business

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Seo firms

With the obvious transition from traditional marketing techniques to digital ones, it is not surprising that marketing methods have shifted. With more than 1 billion Google searches made each day, it is no secret that search engine optimization is viewed as a powerful and effective web marketing tool. Search engine optimization is the practice of improving website rankings through free or “organic listings”, and could be the leg up over your competitors that you need.

While it sounds straight forward, it can be frustrating to master the field, and there are tons of rules and requirements to master to really get it right. In fact, Google’s seo algorithms rely on over 200 unique criteria that are constantly changing.

If this number makes you nervous, do not be. If you are looking to utilize seo services, but are not sure where to begin, you may want to consider working with seo resellers, and outsource seo services. The great thing about seo resellers is that they save you both valuable time and money. You do not have to worry about learning the rules, or hiring an in house team to get the job done. Seo resellers charge you per hour of work they do for you, so you save money not having to hire a salaried employee. Several types of seo reseller packages exist too, so you can choose the level of involvement that you are interested in, depending on business size, budget, or any other factor you want.

Seo outsourcing is also a great way to disseminate your brand into new and interesting avenues.
Seo resellers have networking resources that you do not, so you can use vehicles that you had not previously though of, like video blogs, or social media sites, to get your brand message out there.

Seo resellers can also help you with view through conversion traffic. View through conversion rate means the percentage of users who view an ad and do not click on it, but who go to the ad’s associated conversion page and undertake the desired action (usually within a certain period of time). So if your ads are on a social media blog, and spark a consumers’ interest, this could lead to a conversion.

The benefits list of using an seo reseller is virtually endless, especially for small businesses. If you are looking to get a leg up over your competition, this is likely a route that will lead you to see successful results. Shop around and make informed decisions, as there are seo reseller plans for every size and every budget.

Employees providing their own smartphones requires mobile device management solutions

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Iphone encryption

It’s not uncommon nowadays for companies to ask their employees to provide their own smartphone devices, leaving it up to IT managers to find mobile device management solutions for managing 100s of devices at a time. Everyone has a smartphone these days. There are approximately 65 million American smartphone users, which makes the bring your own device business model ideal for companies.

Realizing that most of their employees are already wired, companies don’t want to have to pay for a second device and plus service if their staffers already have their own. Instead, they are tapping into the existing infrastructure of personal devices but for business usage. According to a recent report, 50 percent of companies that with bring your own device policies also ask them to pay for the devices and all service related costs. For the most part, employees are fine with that set up. Really, who wants to have to carry another smartphone device with them if they already have one?

Gone are the days of tech support commandeering every single desktop and telephone to install or update new software. The bring your own device business model relies on cloud based iphone management which makes the task of updating software easier than having to individually update each device. But knowing which ones require updating when you have 100s of smartphones to manage and secure can be tricky. Having patch management software is a lifesaver. One application can give detailed information on which devices need software updates and help push those updates through for immediate iphone security.

Over the next five years, another one billion smartphones will enter the market, according to ABI Research. As such, having a patch management solution will become standard procedure for IT managers as the benefits of bring your own device measures become commonplace for companies. In 2012 an Enterasys survey found that 74 percent of America companies allowed some form of bring your own device usage. Image what that number will look like in five years? Having employees bringing their own device and paying service is an attractive cost saving opportunity for companies if they can find device management solutions.
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