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Customers Form An Impression Of Your Business In Four Seconds Is Your Website Up To Snuff?

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Is your business prepared to handle a disaster?

As the saying goes, “Luck favors the prepared.” Rather than think you’ll be one of the exceptions to the rule, give yourself peace-of-mind and look into IT solutions this year. Even though there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to technology, there’s plenty you have to worry about if you’re to keep your business. Compromised data, stolen identities and wasted money are all very real issues that can strike at any time. Don’t give them a fighting chance. See how the digital tools listed below can give your brand a leg up on the competition.

First things first. How’s your website doing? This is the face of your business and, as such, needs to greet customers with a smile. Continue Reading No Comments

Four Reasons you Need a Professional Audio Visual System

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Are you a commercial business that is considering installing an audio visual system? You keep going back and forth in evaluating the use and the cost of this type of a professional sound system. Is the cost of the installation worth it? Will you get enough use out of the audio video system? Will the system require constant repairs and upgrades that are expensive? These are all valid questions. However, in most cases you will find that the installation of a professional audio video design system is useful in a commercial setting for the following reasons.

The ability to translate important messages to the entire building

Have you ever wished that there was an easier way to spread information around the office? You could send a whole office email, but not everyone regularly checks t

A Technology Lover’s Home Away From Home

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Great customer service

Technology is used to make the world more simple for the daily lives of people. Just about anything can be done with the touch of a button on a smartphone. Since technology is constantly changing, many businesses realize that they need to also be changing with the times.

Recently, hotels are focusing on taking their old ways of operating with hotel management systems and progressing them into a well-oiled technology hub. They value customer service, so they try to do anything possible to make their clientele happy. Hotel management and own

Are You Starting a New Job with a Software Development Team?

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Starting a job today involves training. Training in how to use the current software programs. Training in company expectations. Training in the systems that are used to help answer customer questions. Training in how to submit questions and suggestions about the workplace environment. And while your real job might working with a continuous integration server, software projects, and deployment projects, it is necessary that all new employees are aware of all of the necessary in house systems that are in place as well.
Whether you will be working with software projects that will serv

4 Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

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You’ve probably heard about the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Statistics show that 61% of customers visiting a mobile unfriendly website will end up going to a competitor. The recent invention of the smartphone has expanded the way people view websites. Mobile friendly website design is something every wise business owner needs to utilize. Here are four benefits of having a mobile friendly website.

  1. Improved SEO Efforts

    It’s imperative that every website is optimized for search engines. You’ve likely found that SEO is something that is made up of many factors. Converting website to mobile devices is a major element of effective SEO. If you’re looking to improve SEO efforts, having a mobile friendly website is one of the best ways to accomplis

Using Smart Geotagging with Structured Data to Find Your Local Customer Base

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When it comes to achieving success in business in this day and age, things have become a lot more complicated over the past couple of decades. Earlier, traditional methods of deriving information about potential customers is all businesses had to play with. Now, with the advent of the internet, the proliferation of smartphones and social media, and the concept of Big Data, there are a lot more resources available for businesses to leverage, making the marketing space more competitive than ever before. With more data to crunch and process, the dynamics of marketing have undergone a sea change, bringing in more complex data processing systems, and more potential.

It is normal for businesses to become more competitive, and in the process, look for more ways to leverage available information so as to gai

Are You a Small or Mid-Sized Business? Here’s Why You Should Look Into Managed IT Services

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Most businesses these days need IT services. Technology changes at what feels like an ever-faster rate and so our systems, databases, and way we engage with technology must also change. When something goes wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating and if you don’t have the right IT team, waste precious hours of your day trying to get everything working again. If you don’t have a dedicated IT department, consider looking into managed IT services. You may see an uptick in productivity, a reduction in costs, and a better handle on your network and storage systems. There’s also the security of knowing that there’s a team of professionals available to answer your IT questions or handle your IT problems that you can call on when you need them. They can also assist in making your services and systems

The Differences Between Scaffolding and Structural Shoring

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Excavation shoring methods

You want to keep your crew safe on each and every construction site. In order to do this, part of the responsibility is making sure that structural support is in place on the work site. As you and your crew make your plans to put all of the necessary safety plans together, it is important to understand and remember the difference between scaffolding and structural shoring.

Both of these systems are very important on a job site but each one serves a very different purpose. Here are the definitions and purposes for each of the two often misunderstood systems.


Let us begin with scaffolding. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is meant to support crew members as they work on the job. It is made to hold both the workers and their materials and is built upwa

The Many Uses of Demographic Reporting Tools

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The world’s population is expected to grow 50% over the next forty years. That would mean there will be over nine billion people in the world. Understanding the demographics of those numbers; where the people will be concentrated, where the jobs will be, how the people will be cared for, etc. Is essential information for both governments and commercial industries.

The number of people, where they are, what their incomes are, etc impacts the production of products, projected sales and manufacturing, in addition to the need for food distribution and job growth. There is a near endless list of reasons this information is vitally important, which is why demographic reporting tools are so important.

For example, where people will be located is important to better understand the needs for food distribu

Why Do We Need PCB Manufacturing Companies?

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Rapid prototyping pcb

Why do we need PCB manufacturing companies?

Without PCB fabrication, we wouldn’t have some of the most advanced technological devices of our lifetime.

Take the Samsung Galaxy S9, for example. Without high quality PCB fabrication and assembly services available, this phone would be nothing than a confused pile of metal and screws.

Samsung uses PCB as its main board for all layers of electrical components and retaining the normal size of the board whiten.

According to Digit, Samsung is currently considering and preparing to even improve its PCB services by using SLP boards.

The phones that are using SLP boards (Substrate Like PCB) will be available in 2018.

“We are making preparations for mass-production of SLPs in order to supply t