Are You Starting a New Job with a Software Development Team?

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Starting a job today involves training. Training in how to use the current software programs. Training in company expectations. Training in the systems that are used to help answer customer questions. Training in how to submit questions and suggestions about the workplace environment. And while your real job might working with a continuous integration server, software projects, and deployment projects, it is necessary that all new employees are aware of all of the necessary in house systems that are in place as well.
Whether you will be working with software projects that will serve a unique individual employer or you will be developing a platform that will help you work with 20 clients at once, companies have learned that all new employees have to be successfully integrated into their current work environment before they are able to succeed. From the training that is necessary to get new hires up to speed with Atlassian product installations and upgrades to knowing how to efficiently handle help desk tickets, it is important that managers use an effective way to orientate new hires so that they are prepared to be successful.
Once all of the onboarding is in place, new hires can get to the real purpose of their jobs and start working on software projects and other tasks that they are assigned. Within those software projects, many employees are working with automatically generated customer help desk tickets that need to be answered. With the use of platforms like Atlassian, Bamboo, and Jira employees work to resolve problems as efficiently as possible. Consider these statistics about how software projects are enhanced with the use of help ticket management platforms, as well as some of the problems that some employees experience in finding those resolutions:

  • 76% of information technology (IT) teams are using service automation.
  • 45% of today?s work could be automated, according to McKinsey, a worldwide management consulting firm.
  • High-performing businesses are twice as likely to connect IT projects to revenue.
  • 77% of ITSM professionals believe artificial intelligence will relieve workers of some of the more routine tasks, according to a recent survey.

Starting any new job involves challenges, but companies that have a through onboarding process in place can help their customers transition easily into any new task and software platform.

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