Are You Getting Ready to Travel and Give a Video Presentation to a Client?

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Bulk fiber optic cable

The word of the day and the word for the upcoming presentation that you have prepared. When you asked your supply manager to order you extra cables to have as back up you stressed that you needed the enhanced performance of bulk Cat5e cables.
You have spent hours preparing the audio and the video for the presentation. As a result, you are always concerned that you will have a good enough connection to make sure that you are able to show your work. Although most locations where you present have WiFi available, you have come to realize that in many case having your own bulk Cat5e cables available is often a better option. The HDMI to DVI cables that you bring along help as well, but few things are more important than the bulk Cat5e cables that are always on your packing list. Some of the other marketing team members give you a hard time about the tub full of cables that you always bring to presentations, but on more than one occasion you have been able to piece together your own audio and video set up when the WiFi signal just is not strong enough.
From zipcord fiber optic cables to the USB cables that you pack, you are often able to help solve almost any problem, whether it is a small display for a trade show booth or a presentation for a full auditorium. It has always puzzled you how some marketing teams can spend hours of time preparing their digital presentations or spend thousands of dollars paying for someone else to prepare the presentation, and then not have thought for even a second about how they will show their work. From laptops to projectors and speakers to the necessary power lightening cables, you have often been as detailed about the needed cables as you have about the actual presentation itself.
In a time when the whole world often takes for granted that they can be connected 24/7, you are one of the people who want to make sure that you have the necessary cables to make sure that you are never the victim of a WiFi signal that is too weak or too slow.

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