Are You a Small or Mid-Sized Business? Here’s Why You Should Look Into Managed IT Services

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Most businesses these days need IT services. Technology changes at what feels like an ever-faster rate and so our systems, databases, and way we engage with technology must also change. When something goes wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating and if you don’t have the right IT team, waste precious hours of your day trying to get everything working again. If you don’t have a dedicated IT department, consider looking into managed IT services. You may see an uptick in productivity, a reduction in costs, and a better handle on your network and storage systems. There’s also the security of knowing that there’s a team of professionals available to answer your IT questions or handle your IT problems that you can call on when you need them. They can also assist in making your services and systems more streamlined and efficient and evaluating what you need as your company moves forward.

What Are Managed IT Services and What Do They Do?

Managed IT services assist with IT work as a third-party contractor — that is, they’re not a part of your direct team or business. They’re responsible for keeping your IT service and equipment up to speed and functional and you generally pay them a flat fee for their services. Some may require extra charges if other work they do doesn’t fall under the terms of the contract, but that’s something you can inquire about and negotiate during the hiring process.

Managed IT services will provide IT support
, security, create back-up plans in case of a disaster, and handle the day-to-day monitoring and management, for all facets of your business. Many of them also can help with other IT consulting, such as offering advice regarding cloud-based services or navigating different Microsoft software.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Managed IT Services?
Hiring managed IT services can help you budget better — you won’t have to sink money into hiring and training IT staff and you can pay for IT services as you need them. And in many cases, if you choose a flat rate, you won’t have to worry about how many IT questions or concerns you bring to them in a month.

You’re also assured that you’re going to get an IT team who is not only qualified, experienced, and certified, but also experienced and well-trained, and who have probably seen and handled an array of IT issues.

If you want to install and use new technology, your managed IT services can get you off the ground and running much more quickly than if you did it in-house. Your IT service will also make sure that your network security standards are up to date and that you’re protecting not just your business, but your customers or clients. Did you know, for example, that 20% of all small businesses will be hacked in a year? With a good managed IT service, you can help limit the possibility of hacking or data breaches and increase customer confidence in your services.

Having them handle these aspects of your business means that you and your team can focus on running your business, while reducing risk and saving money and time.

How Do I Find Good Managed IT Services?

Of course, having great qualifications, experience, and certification are crucial to choosing an IT company. However, you also want to see if they’ll adapt their services to fit your business — every IT structure is set up a little differently, and there should never be a one size fits all approach.

You should also evaluate how their customer service is. Can they calmly and confidently talk employees through an IT problem or explain what needs to be done and why? Are they transparent about changes that need to be made? See if you can get in touch with references and consider their feedback before deciding on a company.

Making the decision to hire a managed IT service company can be a great step for your company. It’ll save you money, time, resources, manpower, and improve your security and productivity. Look into IT services today!

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