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Great customer service

Technology is used to make the world more simple for the daily lives of people. Just about anything can be done with the touch of a button on a smartphone. Since technology is constantly changing, many businesses realize that they need to also be changing with the times.

Recently, hotels are focusing on taking their old ways of operating with hotel management systems and progressing them into a well-oiled technology hub. They value customer service, so they try to do anything possible to make their clientele happy. Hotel management and owners have come up with new ways to keep their technology as current as possible. They figure if they can provide their guests with what they want to be happy, they’ll, in turn, see client loyalty.

From hotel management systems to guest rooms, hotels have implemented certain things into their programs to keep up with the changing hotel trends.

Wi-Fi Throughout the Building

In a world of constant smartphone usage, hotels have come to understand that not everyone has unlimited data. Providing guests with free Wi-Fi in their rooms and in the hotel itself helps them to be able to keep in contact with others, even if they don’t have data. It’s also helpful in foreign countries where people may vacation, but don’t have an international plan.

Mobile Check-In

A lot of hotels now offer the option to check-in using your phone upon arrival. This is convenient for the guest so they don’t have to wait in line to let the desk know that they have arrived.

In-Room Entertainment

Hotels are now starting to give their guests the ability to plug their own devices into the room they are staying in so they can play their own media. This is convenient for people who don’t like the options the room television or radio has to offer.

Mobile Room Keys

Another new trend in the hospitality world is the ability to use your phone as your room key. The key is accessed on your phone by using an app. This eliminates the task of having to stand in line at the front desk.

What once started as using computers to check guests in or to conduct the use of other hotel management systems, has now grown into something bigger. Hotels realize that times and technology are changing, so in order to continue with their success, they must evolve as well.

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